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The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Taiwanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2022 Edition

The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Instant Noodles Of All Time 2022 Edition

I’m very happy to announce that the long time that I wasn’t able to step in from of the green screen is over and I’m back to doing top ten videos are back to the way I used to do them. It’s been a long time coming! Turning the family room into a recording studio is hard when the kids aren’t in school! But they’re happily back to enjoying learning and having recess! This is the first of many special videos to come. Taiwanese noodles are among the finest in the world, with such amazing flavors and textures not only born of tradition, but elevated by competition and innovation. This list comprises the best and most memorable varieties I’ve tried from Taiwan – current as of review #3950. ...see full post

A Donation From James Of Lakeside, CA

A Donation From James Of Lakeside, CA

Over the past few years, a guy named James in Lakeside, California has repeatedly sent me boxes of noodles. He pores over the big list to see if I’ve tried a variety he’s seen and sends some over just at the right time. Again, he send a neat combination of varieties I’ve never tried before. Big thanks and my appreciation to James! Never fails to surprise me when readers are willing to send noodles in for review. Let’s take a look! ...see full post

Bread Made Completely From Instant Noodles! #ramenbread

At the outset of my bread making journey, the idea of making a loaf of bread by grinding up noodle blocks was always in the back of my head. Literally transmuting instant noodles through kitchen alchemy into a loaf of bread. I tried it once and it failed miserably. I wanted to find out why and I asked an expert in the field of wheat and noodles. Well, he said I needed an emulsifier – that would release the oil from the ramen ‘flour. Huge thanks to Dr. Gary Hou!’ Well, let’s see how it went this time – spoiler alert – it worked! ...see full post

Red Chef Pandan White Curry Ramen Bread! #ramenbread

Yeah I’m back at it. I saw a Zojirushi bread machine at a  thrift store the other day and thought ‘man, this thing looks cherry,’ so I carried the thing to the grocery store where I got a gallon of milk and other stuff (which was my original reason for venturing out) and then had to carry everything home. This bread machine isn’t small or anything so yeah – it was a battle I fought and won which I enjoy thoroughly. ...see full post

Red Chef Sends Samples All The Way From Malaysia!

Red Chef Sends Samples All The Way From Malaysia!

Red Chef sent me a ton of instant noodles all the way from Malaysia last week! Thank you very much! With my recent bread obsession and all, this is really great for making new and exotic flavors. Three of these varieties have been on my annual Top Ten mega list! Let’s check it out and see what’s inside! ...see full post

Zenpop.jp Instant Ramen Subscription Box Unboxing + Coupon Code – October2021

It’s time to unbox a Zenpop.jp box – you get seven varieties of instant noodles to try! I would say that almost every time I’ve gotten one of these, I’ve never tried any of them before which is really awesome. Use coupon code THERAMENRATER for a groovy discount! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

Nissin Cup Noodles Bread #ramenbread #UseYourNoodleContest

Nissin Cup Noodles Bread #ramenbread #UseYourNoodleContest

I did say my last loaf of bread would be the last for a while, but then I saw that Nissin Foods was doing a contest (#USEYOURNOODLECONTEST) having to do with innovation for their 50th Anniversary of the introduction of Cup Noodles. I really like making bread from instant noodles; some of you might think I’m a little off my rocker, but it’s fun, completely different from what I’ve been doing, and it’s really neat to put a bunch of things together and have something come out nicely. Whether I win the contest or not (it would be nice to win), I’m happy with what I did here. Let’s check it out =- I used one noodle block and the seasoning from 10 Cup Noodles Chicken flavor! Let’s go! ...see full post

Buldak Corn Spicy Ramen Bread! #ramenbread

Yeah, after the last attempt at making bread out of South Korean instant noodles, I needed to explore further. Today, I’m going to infuse a loaf with a block of instant noodles, a can of corn, and chicken, and a wallop of sesame seeds! One thing to note – in the video I mention the dates this one will release on YouTube – I made a mistake. It’ll release on September 20th, and it will also release on December 24th – I thought it would on September 23rd. So, that was a mistake. Let’s take a trip down Corn Lane! ...see full post