#666: Lishan Food Mfg Co. Ltd. Chinese Instant Noodle

This has to be one of the strangest instant noodles I’ve seen. No instructions. Strange packets. Here we go with #666!

Here’s the little ingredients list – on the front.

Here’s the back of the packaging (click image to enlarge).

The noodle pack: strange and ominous.

Okay this is weird. A small packet of powder seasoning on the right year, but on the left, a clear, unsealed plastic cellophane packet with… I’m going with green onions and black pepper but it sure looks suspect.

No instructions… Okay so let’s go with 350cc of boiling water and steep it.

Click image to enlarge. Tossed a fried egg on top. Okay so the noodles are strange; not very thick and kind of stringy. Not a big fan. The broth is tasty but kind of ‘off.’ Has a bit of an industrial taste to it. The veggies kind of float here and there and taste a littrle weird. I dunno – it’s interesting, but not great. 1.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC barcode 4712275000017 .

The Patron Saint of Sandwiches

Not in this stuff – doesn’t look all that pretty…


  1. The noodle has nothing to do with chicken, we called it like that since it looks like the fibers of chicken: soft and thin.

  2. […] while the hefty noodles lose their consistency half-way down the bowl. Definitely not ichiban. 5. Lishan Black Chicken Brand – Chicken Noodle (6,6): The soup is spicy with pungent pickled cabbage. The thin, fine noodles have an interesting […]

  3. I looked through the ingredients (at the lower right of the packet) and it didn’t mention chicken stripes at all.
    Maybe those were caramelized onions?

    At the front, the 2 Chinese characters below Chinese Instant Noodles mean “no need to cook”. The 3 big characters(read from top to bottom) below the red mountain logo say “Black Chicken Brand” and another 3 words on the right with yellow glow mean “Chicken Stripes Noodles”.

    The front packet also mentions that this brand won a Food Quality Gold Award. And the noodles are “high class nutritious snacks, with complete seasonings”.

    I can’t find any instruction to prepare the noodles. I guess what you did was correct. I’ve never seen this brand before…

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