The Ramen Rater: Noodle News #5

As always, I scour the Internet searching from news about instant noodles. Here’s some articles that you may find interesting:

  • Thai firms eager to tap opportunity (in Burma) – Link

  • Video: Camera inside pill shows how instant ramen is digested – Link

  • Raise The Red Flag : Cut out the hypocrisy in the anti-palm oil campaign – Link

  • Commercialize the taste of ramen collected a vote of 970,000 votes! – Link

  • Nauseating: 10cm-long dried lizard found in instant noodles cup – Link

  • Lee Kyung-gyu to start scholarship fund with profits from ramen – Link

  • Cup Noodles Museum in Minato Mirai Area, Yokohama – Link

  • Red Tricycle: The Top Seven Bowls of Ramen in San Francisco – Link

  • China’s ‘crush-crush tribe’ irks supermarkets – Link

  • Food for Gamers: Make Your Instant Noodles Own Your Tastebuds – Link

  • Tofugu – 1,452 Bowls Of Instant Ramen And Counting: The Ramen Noodle Diary – Link

  • A Research of Construct Depth Marketing Channel about ShenYang Nong Shim Company – Link

  • College Cuisine: Ramen Recipes – Link

  • Valentine: Indomie Delights Youth with Red Hot Jamz – Link


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