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The Ramen Rater: Noodle News #5

As always, I scour the Internet searching from news about instant noodles. Here’s some articles that you may find interesting:

  • Thai firms eager to tap opportunity (in Burma) – Link

  • Video: Camera inside pill shows how instant ramen is digested – Link

  • Raise The Red Flag : Cut out the hypocrisy in the anti-palm oil campaign – Link

  • Commercialize the taste of ramen collected a vote of 970,000 votes! – Link

  • Nauseating: 10cm-long dried lizard found in instant noodles cup – Link

  • Lee Kyung-gyu to start scholarship fund with profits from ramen – Link

  • Cup Noodles Museum in Minato Mirai Area, Yokohama – Link

  • Red Tricycle: The Top Seven Bowls of Ramen in San Francisco – Link

  • China’s ‘crush-crush tribe’ irks supermarkets – Link

  • Food for Gamers: Make Your Instant Noodles Own Your Tastebuds – Link

  • Tofugu – 1,452 Bowls Of Instant Ramen And Counting: The Ramen Noodle Diary – Link

  • A Research of Construct Depth Marketing Channel about ShenYang Nong Shim Company – Link

  • College Cuisine: Ramen Recipes – Link

  • Valentine: Indomie Delights Youth with Red Hot Jamz – Link


The Ramen Rater News: Korea Yakult (Paldo) Will Be Exporting Kkokkomyeon Soon!

I’ve heard now from two separate sources that this Kkokkomyeon stuff is really popular and is going to be a really big deal when it comes to the USA. Both a seller of instant noodles alluded to it as well as a mention by name by the lady at the Kitty House at 99 Ranch Market (they sell Hello Kitty stuff there).

It has been named the business success of the year in Korea – beating out the iPad 2! Pretty amazing that noodles beat out Steve Jobs’ last hurrah.  Here are some articles about this stuff. Rest assured that as soon as I can get my mitts on some of these noodles, a very in-depth and detailed review will be found here.  Hey look!!! I just looked online and found you can get them off of Amazon – look here and here.

The Korea Times – ‘Kkokkomyeon’ to be exported to 20 nations

Work’n’Play – This Year’s 10 Most Sought Out Brands In Korea

The Chosunilbo – Instant Noodles Voted Business Success of the Year