#568: Paldo Gomtang Noodles Beef Flavor With Vegetable

Gomtang? Sounds pretty bizarre. I wonder what it means…

I found a little info on Wikipedia about this stuff:

Guk is largely categorized into four groups of soups, such as malgeun jangguk (맑은 장국), gomguk (곰국), tojangguk (토장국), and naengguk (냉국). Malgeun jangguk literally means “clear (malgeun, 맑은) soup (guk, 국) seasoned with a condiment (jang, 장),” such as doenjang (soy bean paste) or ganjang, and is served in a bansang (반상, regular meal table). The main ingredients for malgeun jangguk are meat, fish, vegetables, and seafoods. Gomguk, also called gomtang, refers to either a soup type made by boiling various beef parts such as rib, oxtail, brisket, head, and so forth for a long time, or made with ox bone by the same method. The broth of gomguk tends to have a milky color and to be rich and hearty taste. It can also be made with chicken or pork bone, to produce samgyetang or gamjatang.

Now we may continue.

Click image to enlarge. Ingredients and instructions.

Single packet which has a very strong garlic salt kind of odor to it.

Pre-boiling water.

Click image to enlarge. Wow this is great stuff! Decent for cup noodles and the broth is kind of like a rich and creamy beef broth with some nice veggies in it. This would go excellent outdoors in the colder season… 4.0 out of 5.0 stars! Get the kind that comes in a package here.

This guy very methodically makes some homemade Gomtang – good video.

Yep – another random Thanksgiving home movie from Youtube. I think the ones from the 60s 70s and 80s are much more entertaining…


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