#567: Goku-Uma Japanese Style Instant Noodles Soy Sauce Flavor

Well here’s something I haven’t had in a while – Goku-Uma. Sounds like a tasty breakfast so I shall begin.

I myself tore off the lid completely since I save them in a binder and when it cooks, I put an old yearbook I found with people in it who have big 80’s hair on top.

Here’s the powder on left,. veggies on the right…

Awaiting some boiling water…

Told you it was an old yearbook. Got this ages ago at the Goodwill Outlet in Seattle. Full of signatures, well-wishes and bad hair.

Click image to eblarge. Here we have it with a couple of fried eggs with some Tabasco Buffalo Style hot sauce on top. Noodles were good – not extremely stalwart and firm but not too mushy. The broth was a little interesting; not the normal kind of soy broth I’m so fond of but it’s passable. The veggies were awesome. All in all pretty good. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. Get it here.

Obviously not noodles here. Shirakiku makes the noodles in the review as well as a soft drink called ramune. It’s got a unique way you open it – this vid shows how.

Yes, another random old home movie featuring Thanksgiving…

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