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Re-Review: Nissin Demae Ramen Black Garlic Oil Tonkortsu Flavour Instant Noodle

Since I don’t have a huge amount of noodles that haven’t been reviewed yet (around 8 at the moment and I could go through those in four or five says possibly), I’ve decided I should hit the overstock box and see what’s in there. My wife Kit got me a five pack of these for my birthday back in March and so I figure I should eat ’em up! Here’s the original review – look there for the original pics I did of the packaging, packets, etcetera.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I added thin-sliced rib eye, an egg, green onion, Urashima Sesame & Salt furikake and kizami shoga (pickled ginger). The noodles are nicely done – just what you expect from Demae Ramen. The broth was excellent – not too salty and had a rich, deep flavor. I stand by my 4.5/5.0 star rating from before – great stuff! UPC bar code 4897878830015.

The Hong Kong commercial for this stuff!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

#770: Kailo Brand Chicken Flavour Instant Noodle

Here’s another one that was sent to me by Carter B. – he bought it in Mali but it originally comes from Hong Kong. Chicken time!

The instructions remind me of the ones on the back of the Fuku packs – 3 ways of eating. I like the ‘snack for all time’ reference. Click image to enlarge.

The noodle block – very tight and thin noodles.

Seasoning powder.

Mmm – chickenny!

Seasoned oil.

Pretty thin looking stuff.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added a couple of fried eggs, some veggies, some Krazy Mixed Salt, Ajishima Kimchi Furikake and a couple dashes of Tabasco Jalapeno hot sauce. The noodles are pretty good – a little less firm than I’d like. The broth has a ‘real chicken broth’ taste which doesn’t seem completely real. Not too bad though – 3.5 out of 5.0 starsUPC bar code 3379140106987 .

Places in Hong Kong where ‘Enter The Dragon’ was filmed – really cool!

News clip about Mali

#702: Meet The Manufacturer – Nissin Demae Ramen Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Flavour Instant Noodle

My lovely wife got me this for my birthday! Ooh black garlic oil tonkotsu? I can’t wait to try this! Sounds awesome!

Note the instructions and ingredients (click image to enlarge).

This is the noodle block – in great condition despite shipping from Hong Kong!

Powder seasoning.

Note the little flecks in the powder.

Here’s the star of the show – black garlic oil!

This gets added at the very end.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I added a smattering of Bird’s Eye Stir-fry veggies, a little kamaboko, a little narutomaki, an egg that I boiled with the noodles, a little Ajishima Kim Chi furikake and a little bit of the Sushinori (seaweed). So if you look at the lower edge of the broth, you can see the black oil! Pretty cool looking. First, the noodles are very good – very much like the noodles Nissin makes for Top Ramen but just a little firmer I think. The broth is sensational – salty and has a nice depth to it – the garlic oil is very nice! This was a very good one – hard to get in the US but worth it if you can. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars!  UPC barcode 4897878830015

The Hong Kong commercial for this stuff!

The latest of the Kyary Pamlu Pamlu videos. If you know of other Japanese Pop (JPOP) or any other Asian videos that are a trip like this, please email me – I’d like to share more of them!

#688: Ohsung Hot & Spicy Hong Ramyun Noodle Soup With Soy Peptide

This is one that came from the nice folks at Ramen Place! Thanks again! Hot and spicy? Soy peptide? Korean? Yeah this should be awesome stuff!

If you click and look at the little pictures top right, they mention some great things to add like cheese, fish cake and veggies! Click image to enlarge.

Here’s the noodle block. Nice color and very angular!

The tell-tale red packet means spicy heat is nigh!


The powder seasoning is all business – I tasted it and my tongue was alight with heat.

The veggie packet.

Veggie packet contents.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I decided to go with the mentions of additions on the back. I added some C&W frozen stir-fry vegetables, an egg that I boiled in with it, some kamaboko, a pinch or two of cheese, a dash of Texas Pete Garlic hot sauce and a dash of Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Salt. The noodles are good – lots of them and they suck up the flavors nicely. A little chewy but not overly so. The broth is crazy hot – almost too hot for me but I persevere! The veggies are nice – they re-hydrated well and were reasonably abundant. This is a great example of a spicy Korean ramyun. Good show! 3.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC barcode 846034000407 – you can get it here.

This appears to be an energy or ‘concentration’ drink with soy peptide

I’ve ridden on that monorail track a zillion times in Seattle!

#428: Kamfen E-Men Noodles Artificial Chicken Soup Flavor

So this is something different – E-Men noodles. The ingredients say they’re mad of wheat flour and soybean oil…

Comes with only one packet. This is one large noodle block though and won’t fit in a normal pot. You’ll need something a little bigger to accommodate this thing…

Here’s the soup base.

Click image to enlarge. Here’s the final product. The directions on the back were a little off… They said to add the noodles to the water, but neglected to mention how much of ‘the water’ you need. At the end it said the noodles are ready to be served, but not sure if that’s with broth or not. So I winged it. I added a little boiling water and pulled out the noodles and stirred in the bowl. Some tasty stuff! Thick noodles. The chicken flavor is good. Wide and heavy are the noodles. I’m going with a 3.75 out of 5.0. The noodles were pretty good and the soup tasted chickenny.

#414: Doll Instant Noodle Artificial Beef Flavour

So I’ve been quite a fan of Doll’s varieties – they’ve always proven to be quite nice. So here’s their beef variety.

One packet of dry seasoning.

Very deep color to this one – looks like cooked beef.

Click image to enlarge. Tossed in a couple eggs. Wasn’t really expecting what I found with this one. The rpos – a nice amount of noodles which were nice and firm and tasty. The cons? Even with 500mL of water and two eggs, the broth was salty – overly salty. I’m not one who usually finds broth to be salty- but this one sure is.  Giving this one 2.5 out of 5.0 stars. Find it here.

Doll Noodles Commercial

Theatrical trailer for JJuzo Itzami’s “Tampopo” – find it and watch it!

#400: Nissin Cup Noodles Seafood Curry Flavour (Hong Kong)

So for the 400th review, I went with one I’ve thought should be interesting – seafood curry. These are Cup Noodles that are not for sale usually in the United States. I’ve found two – Crab Flavour and Seafood Flavour, but this Curry Seafood Flavour came from Canada.

I think the packaging on these reflect a little more pride in the product as well as quality. For example, a Shrimp Flavor Cup Noodles for the US doesn’t have such ornate images or shiny gold on them. Of course, what matters is what’s inside.

Look at that – a ton of stuff is in this one! Usually the ones sold in the US have an eighth as much stuff. Was nice – an immediate curry odor filled the nostrils as only Japanese curry can.

Click image to enlarge. Nothing added. The noodles steeped perfectly. The vegetables and little bits of dehydrated fish came out just perfect, and the broth was very curry. My only complaint was that the curry flavor overwhelmed the seafood taste so that there was really none at the end of the day. I really liked this one though. 4.25 out of 5.0 stars.

#393: Kamfen Dried-Mix Noodles XO Sauce Flavoured

This one looked interesting. I really liked the Nissin Demae Iccho Ramen with XO Sauce, so I thought this would be good too hopefully.

Look! A useful fork! Sauce packet on left, veggies on the right.

I really love it when they don’t include instructions on how to cook the noodles. I decided to attempt to use the packaging to drain them as it looked like that was the idea. Here are the veggies atop the noodle block.

Click image to enlarge. At the end I put the paste on top and stirred and got this. The drainage holes weren’t all that great and so I ended up with a little junk at the bottom. So this wasn’t at all what I expected. It smelled kind of funny when cooking and now upon eating it I don’t know exactly what to think; it’s edible but I can’t really say that I enjoyed it. It’s almost as if I’ve spent too much time pondering it as I eat it… Its kind of greasy and a little bland and the noodles are kind of odd… I’m not sure about this one. 2.0 out of 5.0 stars.

#377: Sau Tao Ho Fan Abalone Chicken Soup Flavored

Yep – here’s another of the Sau Tao’s. I’m just going to go through all of them in a row I think. This is Chicken and Abalone – kind of a new twist on ‘surf and turf’ eh? Anyways…

From left to right we have seasoning powder, seasoned oil and veggies.

A blurry shot of the ingredients atop the noodles. This is what happens when you combine housecleaning and ramen rating.

Click image to enlarge. The final product. Broth is awesome, noodles are awesome, tons of veggies! Extremely good stuff; kind of reminds me of a chicken stew. Added a little black pepper after this picture too and that added a little niceness to the whole thing. So this appears to be my favorite so far of the Sau Tao line. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars! Find it here.

#376: Sau Tao Lobster Soup Flavored Thick Instant Noodle King

So here’s another of these Sau Tao’s by Sun Shun Fuk (heh heh) and hopefully it’s some good stuff.

A fork, then from left seasoning powder, seasoned oil and vegetables.

Hey this looks pretty good. Look at the noodles – interesting!

Click image to enlarge. Okay so looking at the ingredients, I’m seeing that these aren’t as bad for you as some others. For example, the whole bowl has 4.3g fat, 15g protein and 7g fiber. Not too bad at all right? Well, there’s a trade off here and that’s flavor. The noodles are really funky – the beef Sau Tao I reviewed recently (#364: Sun Shun Fuk Sau Tao Beef Soup Flavored Hong Kong Style Instant Noodle King) these are the same noodles except broad. The flavor is weird too; while it smells of a buttery seafood aroma, its kind of bland. The soup is greasy; I guess all the fat is in the broth? The veggies were nice though.  2.75 out of 5.0 stars.

#370: Fuku Superior Soup Instant Noodle

Wow – Fuku! Pretty awesome name I think! My sister brought these back from Canada. Let’s try em’ out!

Pretty awesome instructions – I think they’re saying 1 – serve with live, happy jumping prawn, 2 – if you eat it without soup, you will start to hallucinate that music is an entity you can interact with like a meal, and 3 – hoard it and eat it raw like a caveman!  Maybe… At any rate, Fuku is an awesome name!

One single packet of flavoring powder.

Not a whole lot of powder, but had some onion in it I think.

Click image to enlarge. Wow – this stuff is impressive. I know exactly what it reminds me of and now I’m very happy to announce it’s getting 5.0 out of 5.0 stars! This stuff is EXACTLY like Nissin Chikin except it has a little extra powder with it! Originally, my favorite noodles were Nissin ‘Roasted Ramen,’ a product they came out with in the USA when I was a kid. They stopped making it so we hunted for it and they were able to help us out at Uwajimaya in Seattle where they clued my folks in about the Nissin Chikin. This is exactly like that stuff and I’m quite happy. Too bad it requires a trip to Canada to find it! Ack!!! So yeah The name, the back and the noodles and broth altogether are wham bam 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. Get it here.

First, watch this video commercial…

Then watch this – the making of!

#364: Sau Tao Beef Soup Flavored Hong Kong Style Instant Noodle King

So here’s something new – a bowl noodle from Hong Kong by Sau Tao (Sun Shun Fuk). Shall we?

From left to right we have powdered soup base, liquid soup and then veggies. Yes, below is a fork!

Here’s everything awaiting some boiling water and a few minutes covered.

Click image to enlarge. Finished product. Pretty murky and swampy, isn’t it? First, the noodles. My lady and I both agree that they had the consistency of asiago or parmesan cheese shreds! Was extremely strange. The soup was exceedingly greasy; swampy and weird! The veggies were okay; lots of corn and a good amount of what I believed to be either spinach or seaweed. I’m sticking with spinach. All in all, it was weird. Giving it 2.5 out of 5.0 stars.

Kind of a weird commercial!

I found this rather disturbing; it sounds rather good until it is shown reading on the website.