#393: Kamfen Dried-Mix Noodles XO Sauce Flavoured

This one looked interesting. I really liked the Nissin Demae Iccho Ramen with XO Sauce, so I thought this would be good too hopefully.

Look! A useful fork! Sauce packet on left, veggies on the right.

I really love it when they don’t include instructions on how to cook the noodles. I decided to attempt to use the packaging to drain them as it looked like that was the idea. Here are the veggies atop the noodle block.

Click image to enlarge. At the end I put the paste on top and stirred and got this. The drainage holes weren’t all that great and so I ended up with a little junk at the bottom. So this wasn’t at all what I expected. It smelled kind of funny when cooking and now upon eating it I don’t know exactly what to think; it’s edible but I can’t really say that I enjoyed it. It’s almost as if I’ve spent too much time pondering it as I eat it… Its kind of greasy and a little bland and the noodles are kind of odd… I’m not sure about this one. 2.0 out of 5.0 stars.

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