#392: Nissin Yakisoba Noodles Karashi Flavor

I have to say, when I see a box like this with any kind of mayonnaise-like stuff going on, I get really hungry!

Click image to enlarge. So what you do is peel it back, yank the packets out, fill with boiling water, wait, then on the top left there’s a spout which opens up and you drain via that.

So the little top packet is the goopy stuff and the bottom one is the powder base.

After the noodles were drained, you put the powder on and stir vigorously.

Click image to enlarge. Finally, you decorate the meal with the mayonnaise packet. So there’s a little cabbage which re-hydrates perfectly. The noodles are just awesome with the flavoring. Slap that little bit of wasabi infused mayonnaise on top and you’ve got a winner. I love this kind of thing! 5.0 out of 5.0 stars!

Konichi-wa! Frances ix the man!

Yeah I’ve eaten this before

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