#391: Myojo Hyoubanya no Chukasoba Japanese Style Noodles Oriental Flavor

So on our recent trip to the new Bellevue Uwajimaya, we got a 5-pack of this stuff. My lady Kit really enjoyed the Myojo Charmela stuff so I thought maybe this would be something she would like too.

One packet.  A sleek and awesome packet of Japanese-ness.

The powder of the packet in the bowl awaiting the noodles.

Click image to enlarge. Wow that sure looks lovely! A couple of eggs and some baked chicken breast with salt and pepper. The soup was amazingly good – had nice fish flavor. The noodles were robust and had some good chewiness. Altogether, it was a fine dinner. 4.25 out of 5.0 stars.


  1. If you are in a hurry (or in a place where you cant or dont have time to cook chicken) try some chicken breast either from a can or from a packet! Its just like those tuna packets. Its shelf stable, and Im really picky about my chicken but they actually surprised me at the level of quality. Its actually decent yummy chicken! Fully cooked! From a packet! It makes me wonder why more ramen doesnt include packets of meat? That would be absolutely awesome! It would make it worth more money for sure. Im sure the shelf-stable turkey would be nice too. People eat tuna all the time from packets and its not gross, so why not chicken?

    Anyways, you look like you can do some good cookin! That chicken looks delicious! Id like to see more chicken stuffs! OH! What about like lightly breading a chicken breast with some panko breadcrumbs with a ramen packet mixed in for seasoning, and bake it! OH MAN! I AM GOING TO TRY THAT!

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