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#2896: myramen Japanese Vegan Noodle & Soup Soy Sauce

I haven’t seen my friend Matthew Bellah in quite a while and he’s stopping by today to hang out. So he’s a writer (you can read some of his stuff at www.matthewbellah.com) and also an odd sort as far as food goes. He’s a vegetarian, however I’ve known him to enjoy bacon and Jack In The Box tacos regularly. Anyways, I thought this myramen would be a good one to let him try. ...see full post

#2846: myramen Japanese Vegan Noodle & Soup Salt

#2846: myramen Japanese Vegan Noodle & Soup Salt

Here’s one that’s new to me – my ramen. my ramen is a range of Japanese instant ramen that are Vegan, HALAL, animal free, dairy free, shellfish free, fish free, alcohol free, and dairy free. That’s a lot of bases covered. I was very happy to say that the miso variety they produce is very good – and now we try the Salt variety. This is what is usually known as Shio ramen – here’s a little about Shio from Wikipedia – ...see full post

Unboxing Time: Russian & S’pore Varieties Send By The Halal Food Blog

Unboxing Time: Russian & S'pore Varieties Send By The Halal Food Blog

A few weeks ago, I commented on a post I saw on The Halal Food Blog‘s Instagram. Always really neat things to see there! Well, I saw a picture showing some instant noodles and that they were in Uzbokistan! I was immediately curious and they offered to send me some! Well, today I’ve got a box and it’s Unboxing Time, so let’s get to it! ...see full post

Unboxing Time: MYRAMEN Vegan/HALAL/Natural Japanese Ramen

I was recently contacted by a company asking if I’d like to try their noodles. I get a lot of noodles – but I always want to try them all! These noodles were supposed to be Vegan, HALAL certified, 100% natural and a few other tags like no MSG. Pretty impressive! Let’s take a look at this interesting variety. ...see full post

#2427: Ajinatori Halal Chicken Shoyu Sauce Ramen

#2427: Ajinatori Halal Chicken Shoyu Sauce Ramen - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

The nice folks at Ippin sent me this one (SG folks click here) – thanks again! They are purveyors of all things Japanese! So I would say most  Japanese instant noodles contain pork. Whether it be a chicken, seafood or whatever, it’s in there. Not with this one and That’s great for those that follow Islamic guidelines. So what is Halal? Let’s ask Wikipedia: ...see full post