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#3836: Panda Signature Ramen Noodle Soup Creamy Chicken Flavor – United States

#3836: Panda Signature Ramen Noodle Soup Creamy Chicken Flavor - United States

Well, here’s another one of the Panda Signature varieties that were sent in by a reader – thanks again! As it turns out, our local Walmart Market has these now too. I’m guessing these have been phased in at all the Walmarts everywhere around the United States. Still pretty surprised by that. Many people have voiced how they dislike these, and this one in particular. Then again, some have said they like these products. I must admit, I’ve not had so many folks comment on a new variety on the market as much as with these, most likely since they’re at Walmart. I’m guessing they have the same price point the previous ones had? Well, let’s give this creamy chicken one a try! ...see full post

#2896: myramen Japanese Vegan Noodle & Soup Soy Sauce

I haven’t seen my friend Matthew Bellah in quite a while and he’s stopping by today to hang out. So he’s a writer (you can read some of his stuff at www.matthewbellah.com) and also an odd sort as far as food goes. He’s a vegetarian, however I’ve known him to enjoy bacon and Jack In The Box tacos regularly. Anyways, I thought this myramen would be a good one to let him try. ...see full post

#2846: myramen Japanese Vegan Noodle & Soup Salt

#2846: myramen Japanese Vegan Noodle & Soup Salt

Here’s one that’s new to me – my ramen. my ramen is a range of Japanese instant ramen that are Vegan, HALAL, animal free, dairy free, shellfish free, fish free, alcohol free, and dairy free. That’s a lot of bases covered. I was very happy to say that the miso variety they produce is very good – and now we try the Salt variety. This is what is usually known as Shio ramen – here’s a little about Shio from Wikipedia – ...see full post

Unboxing Time: Russian & S’pore Varieties Send By The Halal Food Blog

Unboxing Time: Russian & S'pore Varieties Send By The Halal Food Blog

A few weeks ago, I commented on a post I saw on The Halal Food Blog‘s Instagram. Always really neat things to see there! Well, I saw a picture showing some instant noodles and that they were in Uzbokistan! I was immediately curious and they offered to send me some! Well, today I’ve got a box and it’s Unboxing Time, so let’s get to it! ...see full post

Unboxing Time: MYRAMEN Vegan/HALAL/Natural Japanese Ramen

I was recently contacted by a company asking if I’d like to try their noodles. I get a lot of noodles – but I always want to try them all! These noodles were supposed to be Vegan, HALAL certified, 100% natural and a few other tags like no MSG. Pretty impressive! Let’s take a look at this interesting variety. ...see full post

#2427: Ajinatori Halal Chicken Shoyu Sauce Ramen

#2427: Ajinatori Halal Chicken Shoyu Sauce Ramen - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

The nice folks at Ippin sent me this one (SG folks click here) – thanks again! They are purveyors of all things Japanese! So I would say most  Japanese instant noodles contain pork. Whether it be a chicken, seafood or whatever, it’s in there. Not with this one and That’s great for those that follow Islamic guidelines. So what is Halal? Let’s ask Wikipedia: ...see full post

#651: Wingsfood Mi Sedaap Mi Segera Mi Sup Perisa Kari Ayam

Yesterday I went to HT Oaktree Market on 100th & Aurora in North Seattle. I went to get some things to make a batch of my curry soup and of course hit up the noodle aisle. Was thinking of re-reviewing the Mi Sedaap curry I’d had before as well, but as it turns out, I snagged a new one I hadn’t reviewed yet. Then this morning, I noticed a lot of people coming to The Ramen Rater from a forum on a Singapore website – they were all coming because of a link to Mi Sedaap Perisa Asli, something I’d reviewed a while back. I thought I should review a new Mi Sedaap today, so here we go. ...see full post

Re-Review: Indomie Instant Noodles Mi Goreng Satay Fried Noodles

This is one of the samples sent by Empire International – thanks again to them and Jim C.! Many years ago, I tried this stuff. This was the first Indomie product I’d ever tried! I used to get tons of this stuff – my folks would bring it back to Anacortes from Seattle , a bit of a journey for noodles! All the packets, the draining, the eggs… This is where it all begand for me. ...see full post

#469: Gefen Oriental Style Ramen Noodles Chicken Flavor

Here’s another one sent to me by Michael M. from Staten Island, NY – thanks again, man! As I mentioned before, he found a few of them on the kosher aisle of a grocery store and sent them my direction.  The last review I did was imitation chicken flavor. This one’s chicken flavor. I looked at the ingredients and don’t see any chicken… Hmm… Well, let’s try it out. ...see full post