#469: Gefen Oriental Style Ramen Noodles Chicken Flavor

Here’s another one sent to me by Michael M. from Staten Island, NY – thanks again, man! As I mentioned before, he found a few of them on the kosher aisle of a grocery store and sent them my direction.  The last review I did was imitation chicken flavor. This one’s chicken flavor. I looked at the ingredients and don’t see any chicken… Hmm… Well, let’s try it out.

Hey this looks like the chicken packet in the other one! Well, I know that really doesn’t mean anything – I remember the Fortune brand Udon had packets that all looked exactly the same for all of their varieties.

Powdered soup base. Nothing surprising here.

Click image to enlarge. …and here we are with a couple of eggs boiled with the noodles. So this is pretty good – very relaxing flavor – good chicken taste. The noodles aren’t amazing but they’re what one would expect. Awesome! 3.5 out of 5.0 stars – pretty decent for what it claims to be; kosher Top Ramen.

An interview with a guy from Gefen foods at some sort of food convention.

You know, you really owe it to yourself to ride in this car.

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