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#4398: Burung Dara Bihun Jagung Doroku – Indonesia

#4398: Burung Dara Bihun Jagung Doroku - Indonesia

So, what do we have here? Well, this is vermicelli, aka bihun. Why is this special? It’s made from corn. I’ve never heard of a corn based noodle before – very curious! Suprama, the company that makes this is the same company that makes Best Wok Mi Goreng, which is on the 2022 edition of the global top ten list. Let see how this stuff tastes and chews! ...see full post

#3469: MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn Rice Vermicelli Soup – Malaysia

#3469: MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn Rice Vermicelli Soup - Malaysia

Simply looking at this bowl evokes memories of travel for me so happy… Penang is such a place of wonder and fascination. The sights, scents and sounds crescendo in a vibrant, harmonic din that haunts my soul in such a way  that not a day goes by without a sigh of returning. As the mighty salmon is compelled to return whence it came, so I must return to old Penang someday to experience its charm. ...see full post

#2584: MyKuali Penang White Curry Rice Vermicelli Soup

#2584: MyKuali Penang White Curry Rice Vermicelli Soup - Bihun Kari Putih - beehoon - The Ramen Rater - Malaysia

This is the third of the rice vermicelli (bihun) varieties that MyKuali has come out with in cups. I was very surprised yesterday – happily so. They now have them at the 99 Ranch store near me – all of their pack range, the rice vermicelli bowls and the cup versions as well. Pretty surprised to see them actually – but it’s a good thing since it seems Malaysian flavors are really making a big punch into the outer world. ...see full post

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Rice Noodles Of All Time 2017 Edition

Now for the third year, I’m coming out with the latest Top Ten Instant Rice Noodles list. Rice noodles have some benefits as opposed to their fried wheat counterparts. First, they’re virtually fat-free. Also, they’re not fried. Rice noodles are gluten-free by nature, although the ingredients in the sachets that come with these varieties might not be. People ask me for a gluten-free list often, but that would be rather difficult as I’d have to pore over every ingredient list on every review to do this. Well, let’s have a look at these great rice noodle varieties – the best instant rice noodles varieties of the almost 2,500 reviews to date! ...see full post

#2264: Unif Tung-I Instant Vegetarian Beehoon Rice Vermicelli

I think I should explain the symbol in the upper right hand corner before anything else. While the symbol may bring up thoughts of World War II, this actually has nothing to do with oppression; this is a Buddhist symbol denoting that it is safe for those who practice strict vegetarianism. Here’s a little from wikipedia about it: ...see full post

#1694: MAMA Instant Rice Vermicelli Bihun Goreng Original Flavor

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Mi Goreng. For those of you who aren’t, Mi Goreng translates to ‘fried noodle.’ Mi Goreng basically are noodles that are cooked, drained, dropped in a wok or skillet, and fried with different seasonings and ingredients. Now Bihun Goreng is a little different. Instead of a wheat noodle, rice vermicelli is used the same kind of way. Rice vermicelli are very thin rice noodles. Instead of broth, these are broth free. They’re kind of distant cousins of yakisoba, yakiudon and chow mein. Let’s check out this Bihun Goreng from MAMA of Thailand! ...see full post

#1639: Pama Bihun Creamy Tom Yam Flavour

Bihun (or beehoon) is basically rice vermicelli. Pama is a brand by President Rice Products of Thailnd and looks to be for sale in Malaysia. Make sense? Okay now on to the flavor: tom yam. Tom yam (or tom yum) is a very standard Thai variety – spicy, lemon/citrus, spicy, and usually shrimp. I was told that the creamy isn’t from dairy but from the boiling of shrimp! Let’s check it out! ...see full post