#594: Haioreum Asian Style Noodles Seafood Flavored In Bowl

Thought I’d go with something different tonight – and this definitely qualifies as that I think. Let’s rip the lid off this big fresh udon noodle bowl!

Here are the direction and ingredient panels. Click image to enlarge.

So on the left a seafood block – these are really neat as you’ll see in a minute! On the right, a packet of liquid – with a deep red color.

Here’s the fresh noodle packet – lots of the stuff!

Here’s the block waiting to be dropped in the noodle bowl.

So here it is now in the soup! It sucks up liquid quickly and once stirred it disintegrates into the ingredients – it’s quite amazing!

Click image to enlarge. Here’s the finished product. Wow – so the noodles are thick and chewy and pretty good! The broth is spicy and has a very seafoody flavor. The seafood blcok? Well I’ll say it’s probably the most awesome thing in the world – lots of bits of veggies and – ready? SQUID! Chewy squidbits! Not badf at all. Pretty rad bowl but not something I’d have again probably. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.

If you haven’t tried Korean BBQ, I recommend making it a New Year’s resolution to try it – it’s amazing.


  1. Whoa! Squid powder! Thats new! I wonder if they catch the squid or if they raise them on a fish farm? Imagine working on a seafood farm growing squid for a living..id like to see one of those.

      1. Of course i’ve seen Tampopo, who do you think I am? Some guy who lives in a hole? Who doesn’t know Tampopo? ..Tempura? Tabasco? No, Ive never heard of tampoco. xD!

        – Oh, finally got outta the hospital! Still cant really eat anything yet though 🙁

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