Spaghetti Western Meets Noodle Eastern In Juzo Itami’s “Tampopo”

My father introduced me to this film when I was young and I found it to be quite fascinating. This movie is really quite bizarre; it has a storyline involving a Japanese John Wayne type and a girl attempting to create the perfect noodle. Interspersed throughout are short scenes with different aspects of food culture. The sloppy eater. The seeker of fine gourmet luxury. The glutton. These all come together to create a film experience best enjoyed while having some noodles! I recommend this very highly! I totally love this movie; its strange, weird and funny. It is subtitled, but you’ll deal with it. This is the finest noodle film ever and any true fan should have it. I’m sure you can view it on Netflix, but you can buy it here.


  1. I watched this film last night based on your recommendation, and actually it was better then my expectations. I thought it was going to be a silly, weird film, and although it was a little, it had a pretty good storyline. It sure made me hungry! Nice closeup shots of all the food and stuff!

    The weirdest part though was at the end (wont spoil it), I didnt understand why or who did that evil thing to that guy? And also the part with the couple and the raw egg xD.. that was quite strange. Also, apparently if you didnt already know, “Tampopo” means dandelion.

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