#570: O-Sung Keopnurungji Rice Snack

Hey what do we have here? Well, this isn’t instant noodles but it’s an instant cup of rice. I’m going to count this one in the mix since I would n’t be surprised if someone comes across this and asks ‘hey, what is this stuff?’

It lists rice and salt as its ingredients. Strange since it also has another odor I’m not exactly sure of; almost alcohol scented.

An included… Spoon? Wow hey that’s cool – something new!

So yeah rice and salt. I guess we’ll see. Certainly the lightest food in a cup I’ve ever seen.

Click image to enlarge. Well, it’s rice and liquid. I added some Cavender’s seasoning to it. Then I had some Krazy Mixed Up Salt with it. Without the seasonings, it is bland – water and rice. The rice isn’t bad though – 2.5 out of 5.0 stars.

Nurungji? Scorched rice? Water? Hmmm…

Another Thanksgiving home movie by a random human.

This video was just so cheesy and annoying – and disturbing.

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