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#4287: Annie Chun’s Korean Style Spicy Ramen Soup Bowl – United States

#4287: Annie Chun's Korean Style Spicy Ramen Soup Bowl - United States

It’s been a rough go for brands from the US I’ve not reviewed a ton of before. It really surprises me how many zero star scores I’ve given lately. I have a feeling (and hope) this one’s different. See where it says CJ Foods next to the Annie Chun’s logo? That’s a Korean company. If they’re making this line, I would think that they could make a great spicy Korean ramen. Then again I see corn is an ingredient which is very odd. Ah well – come on let’s give it a go! ...see full post

#4006: Delling Korean Style Yukgaejang Ramen – South Korea

#4006: Delling Korean Style Yukgaejang Ramen - South Korea

Yesterday we found ourselves in Bellevue and about to go home, Kit asked me if there was anywhere we should go over there before we left. I looked to see if there were any Asian grocery stores I’d not been to and found a few, but one had a name that stood out. S-Mart. Yeah – if you’re familiar with the film ‘Army Of Darkness,’ you know why this piqued my curiosity. It seemed that Korean grocery stores usually have a letter followed by the word Mart. It was only a matter of time; we have an HMart nearby, and a GMart (formerly KS Mart), and there’s more of them. Well, we decided to shop smart and shop S-Mart. That’s where I found this one – something I’ve never seen before. It always floors me – I’ve been to tons of Asian grocery stores in this area and then whammo – one that has a variety I’ve never seen around here. In fact, I found a few of them. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post

#1650: Ottogi Sesame Ramen Korean Style Instant Noodle

I’ve gotten a good amount of comments about this one. Ottogi Sesame Ramen seems to have filled an interesting niche in the noodle market! It’s pretty neat stuff – it has something called an ‘egg block.’ It is basically dehydrated egg that when introduced to the boiling water springs to life! I’ve had the bowl version (also known as a king cup) before, but never reviewed the pack. Let’s check out Ottogi Sesame Ramen! ...see full post

#1323: Golden Wheat Korean Style Mushroom Chicken Flavour Cooking Noodle

This is one I got for my birthday last year when my wife took me to Canada – thank you, Kit! I’m going to be blunt: I don’t have high hopes on this one. These Golden Wheat varieties are pretty good, as they’re JML products in camouflage. As you can see from this JML Mushroom Chicken bowl, the sachets are identical. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the Golden Wheat and JML varieties, but I really didn’t like the Mushroom Chicken previously. Time to see if this one warrants a low score or if it’s a pleasant surprise. It’s go time. ...see full post