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#3315: Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Potato Butter Shio Ramen 44th Anniversary Limited Edition – Japan

#3315: Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Potato Butter Shio Ramen 44th Anniversary Limited Edition - Japan

This one comes from Zenpop.jp – a subscription box service. If you want to check out their boxes and get one, use coupon code RAMENRATER for a discount. Here’s what they have to say about this one – “The Cup Star came out on January 18th in 1973. This limited flavor is made to celebrate the Cup Star’s 44th anniversary. Some members from the idol group Nogizaka48 are printed on the label to give a special touch to the product, and you might see some of their printed autographs when you open the lid. Enjoy the combination of chicken and butter and this shio (salt) based ramen and contains slightly chunky potatoes along with cabbage, corn, and carrots. If you are a Nogizaka48 fan you should save the container after using it!” ...see full post

#1570: Maruchan Big Cup Ramen Corn, Salt & Butter Flavor

Once in a while, I get something a little different – something that contains something I’ve not seen before. This is one of those times. So it was kind of difficult to translate this one – it’s basically salt Butter and Corn flavor, although the translation I ended up with didn’t mention the corn. I decided to go ahead and add corn in the title anyways. Also, I saw lots of translations mention the word circle, although I’m not sure if that was just Google translate being weird.Anyways, this is a big bowl of noodles and I’m very curious to try them. Without any further adieu, let’s open this thing up and look inside! ...see full post

#410: Lucky Me! Instant Bulalo (Bone Marrow Soup) Artificial Beef Flavor Instant Noodles

It’s been sitting in my big ramen box for quite a while now and been contemplating trying this one as of late. Got an email this morning from someone who read the article in the Herald about this site and this stuff was mentioned, so I thought no time like the present. Lucky me! ...see full post