The Ramen Rater: Where It Goes Down

Thought I would share a pic of my workspace (click to enlarge). This is where everything on this blog goes down for the most part. There are a lot of things here – posters, promotional instant noodle items… I’ve described some of the most important things. Check it out!

These are binders full of the packaging from instant noodles I’ve reviewed. There are four of them jammed full of’em! I think I started doing this around review #100 or so.

This is the hallowed Ramen Hamper. It originally was a small box, then a bigger box and now this enormous hamper. Sadly these days, not a lot in there – seems to be harder to find new stuff to review.

Here are some product samples I got today (yay for new reviewables!). They usually sit here until they are added to The Big List spreadsheet and then go into the hamper. I should also note that this is the spot where I take pictures of the noodles I review. I use a point and shoot digital camera (Sony CyberShot DSC-W330 14.1MP I got on eBay for $50). Between that and the swing arm lamp the pics come out pretty good.

That glass jar right there contains all the Included Forks I’ve ever found in instant noodle packs.

Often at the end, I add some seasonings to the reviews. Most of them are here. There’s also some vitamins – got to keep fit!

Okay, you’re probably wondering why I have socks on the wall. These aren’t just any socks. A pair was donated by Eric Z. of Florida – I believe it may have been the first donation to The Ramen Rater! For quite a long time, he was very active in The Ramen Rater community – lots of comments. Sadly, he can’t enjoy instant noodles due to a prolonged bout with illness. To my biggest fan, thanks and hope you will be able to enjoy the noodles again soon.

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