Setting The Record Straight: Rampant Claims Of Instant Noodle Dangers

3/19/2013 – UPDATE – Check this new article out – I was published on

8/31/2012 – UPDATE – Thanks to everyone checking out this article and for the nice words! Thought I’d also mention I have an article about cup noodle rumors you might like – check it out HERE.

At first, I found it laughable, but now it’s gotten to the point where I feel something should be said. I’ve been seeing more and more posts going up on blogs from around the world about the dangers of instant noodles. They claim some ridiculous things that are just plain untrue. I think the people who might really bear the brunt of this are those among us who eat instant noodles because they can’t afford more expensive foods. Here are some of the issues I’ve seen mentioned and some facts and supporting info.

UPDATE Sept 5, 2012: Saw this picture as I was looking for articles to put on the Noodle News and

figure it’s got to be the culprit for a lot of the worries people have had.

Heating MSG (Found In Instant Noodles) Changes It Into A Toxic, Deadly Form


This one is kind of obvious. If heating MSG made it deadly toxic, wouldn’t everyone be dead by now? Here’s a great post about this and other things from a blog called The Butcher Of Kuala Lumpur:

Here’s’s article about it:

Instant Noodles Are Coated With Wax


You’re kidding, right? One of the reasons they’re saying is that the wax ‘keeps the noodles separated.’ Anyone with an ounce of reason will know that instant noodles that are coated in wax aren’t going to stay sepasrated from the wax. Wax melts and relatively moderate temperatures. They mention boiling the noodles, draining them and putting them in fresh water. The only thing you’ll get by doing this is would be that you’d get rid of some of the gluten.
Here’s what I found on a page by Monde Nissin:

Instant noodles do not contain any wax. Noodle strands do not stick together as a natural consequence of the process of slitting or cutting the noodle dough into strands, steaming, and then frying in normal cooking oil.

You can see the page at

Instant Noodle Cups Are Lined With Wax


Another strange one that’s circulated quite a bit lately. Supposedly, this would be so the cup wouldn’t leak. I dunno – weird reasoning there. I found two things that logically supported that this is a false claim.

First, there’s a page on Snopes is renowned for shedding the light of reason on rumors that go from implausable to fact in minutes in our information based world.

Second, again you can hit up the Monde Nissin page – they have a really great list of Facts vs Myths that should answer most questions asbout the safety of instant noodles.

What got me really amped up to write this article was this article that I just found recently –

I was very interested in finding out what this ‘Chinese Restaurant Syndrome’ was  that’s mentioned at the end. Well, This article about it mentions how MSG has never been directly proven to correlate with it.

Here’s another article – this one is about preservatives –

So much hype and so much fear don’t seem very healthy – I’m pretty sure hypertension has been proven to be unhealthy. Anyways, take everything you read with a grain of salt (I’m even groaning at that one – sorry) and use common sense when you read scary food articles online. Do your research – don’t let someone with an agenda decide what’s good for you.


  1. My kids totally love eating noodles and do so quite often, except now my son cannot eat them, as when he does he has stomach cramps for two days afterwards, with swollen lymph glands in his stomach, found out by ultrasound. how can I be sure that there is no wax in the noodles because I will not feed my kids noodles anymore if they get sick from eating this…

  2. We don’t have enough money to eat fancy meals, so we often eat ramen noodles mixed with vegetables (we don’t eat meat). Makes a very tasty, filling and nutritious dish. No need for added oil or salt. No digestive problems, either–just the opposite. Thank you for helping debunk all these ridiculous rumors!!!

  3. thank a lot bro about the info . its really helpfull to me 🙂
    about the wax rumor . lately i’ve been eating 3 or 2 instant noodles a week . sometimes 2 pack in one shot .
    but because the wax humor it gave me really fear about the poison .
    but you solved it haha .
    the only one think about instant noodles bad is because it’s contain msg .
    it will kill one by one your brain cell . that’s what my biologi teacher said .
    stay awesome bro 🙂

    1. Well.. if you look at cigarettes..
      The nasty stuff isn’t what is addicting about it.
      I agree with you though. Someone had to have pulled the word wax out of their ass and stuck with it.

  4. Hi, I stumbled upon this article when I read about the wax issue from my friend’s post in Facebook (using the very same EssentialNutri image). I told her that a critical step of instructions for cooking instant noodle, which is that you must stir well and thoroughly for 2-3 minutes while cooking, already enough to dissolve the waxes. Now I know even the wax thingy even doesn’t exist! Thank you for finding this out and sharing to the world; I’m a instant noodle lover (not a hardcore though) and it’s sad that instant noodle is always accused of being not healthy…

  5. Rarely anyone would eat the plain noodles as it is. The killer is the small packet of “flavor” that comes with each cup or packet of noodles. It is full of sodium or even msg. Eat sparingly or add your own garnishes.

  6. A relative, whom I love dearly mentioned the ramen noodle/wax thing to me which sounded a bit unbelievable. It figures this sort of thing is going around Facebook. Thanks for the thorough debunk!

  7. good noodle may true with your statement, but sometime there is a third- rate (maybe the one you rated as 0-1?) noodle which contain, example : wax, over msg an others.

    that might be explain why third-rate noodles have weird taste.

    instant noodle is also occasional treat for me :3
    i think them as special, and also my stomach cant stand it too much (don’t know why)

    1. I’m telling you right now that wax would do nothing for instant noodles to keep them separated; if you put them in hot water, wax would melt and do nothing. It’s not true. I’ve even talked to manufacturers about this and they laugh and say the same thing; that it would not keep noodles separate. I think some noodles just don’t taste as good as other, but I don’t think anyone’s trying to give anyone cancer – they’re just not as tasty.

      Fear not the noodle!

      – TRR

  8. I always have a quick look through previous comments when I am sent sensational facebook posts to look for hoax busters. Found your link, posted by a sensible user, on a post about wax. Thanks for this, I’ve posted your link again on the original and on the copy I received.

  9. Thank you for being reasonable about these rumors. Not very many people I saw will stop and think before forwarding the false information. You are exceptionally thoughtful and know how to use the information on the internet.

    1. Just found a piece of black wax in my noodles about half the size of my small pinky finger nail. Now who is the one spending false information…. YOU!

  10. But Instant noodles are usually high in fat and sodium, which is why, for me, they are only an occasional treat.

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