Show Your Noodles Week 14

Got three entries for week fourteen! entries! If you’re new to The Ramen Rater’s Show Your Noodles, every week you can email me a picture of some noodles you’ve made. include your name and location and I’ll post it on the weekly roundup! Fancy or functional, it doesn’t matter. I mean, you could do literally anything you want with some instant noodles – use your imagination!  Want to be part of next week’s Show Your Noodles? Just email me at Let me know you first name, last initial, and city/state or country! Now, on to the noodle pictures! My wife judges the pictures and here they are!

First place is Drew D. from Los Angeles, California

Here’s my contribution to Show Your Noodles!  It’s Nong Shim Spicy Seafood ramen.  I’ve added fresh mushrooms (as I do with everything I cook), shrimp, fresh broccoli florets, fresh celery, fresh shredded cabbage, red pepper flakes and an egg during the last 25 seconds of preparation.  I added Krazy Salt, and some additional cayenne pepper (as I feel the spicy seafood doesn’t pack the punch that regular Nong Shim ramen does).  I topped it with some fresh bok choy!

In second place, Trish M. with a uniqwue entry from Deptford, New Jersey!

RAMEN noodle pizza!

Finally in 3rd place, Ryan C.’s entry:

What I did was make grab the 1/4lb of pork I had left and tossed it into a pan adding in a multitude of things to spice it up. That nori is actually from a triangle of a sheet I had cut to make some sushi some days previous while the eggs are small hard boiled. nothing too fancy but it was nice and spicy.

Wow – what an impressive gallery of noodle pics! Thanks so much for sending them to me – I thoroughly enjoy this part of doing the noodle blog – I encourage you to keep sending in your pictures! Hoping for more every week! Thank you!


  1. You called me Dred… instead of Drew lol… 🙁 boo hoo! Thanks for including me anyways! 🙂 Glad I could contribute – I have plenty more recipes/concoctions to share!

      1. I will definitely be a regular! I check the site every day lol! And I’m always trying new things (I love to cook!)!

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