#683: Nongshim Udon Premium Noodle Dish Garlic Teriyaki

The folks at Nong Shim sent me a box of these last week! Thanks again! Can’t wait to visit the big factory in May! I’ve not seen this before and from what I gather it is brand spanking new! Garlic teriyaki sounds awesome – let’s see how it goes!

Here’s the packaging (click image to enlarge). Notice the direction – you microwave the noodles for a minute and a half and then stir everything in. No mention of water? This is certainly new to me! The sodium level’s kind of high is you’re going to eat the whole pack, but probably about the same as a few slices of pizza.

Here’s the packet of noodles – fresh udon.

Okay so this packet isn’t so much a paste but a free-flowing liquid. I knew something like this would have to come into play and there’s no water. Hmmm!

Here’s the veggie packet.

Cheese you say? So let me get this straight: teriyaki garlic cheese udon? Okay it’s on!

Noodles in the supplied bowl awaiting the minute and half spin in the microwave.

Noodles are hot and here’s everything on top awaiting the big stir!

This stuff was really great (click image to enlarge)! The noodles are your standard chew, fresh udon you find in packets like this. The star here is what the udon is slathered in! It literally is like a sweet, garlicky and cheesy melange. I wouldn’t have expected that it would have worked so well but it does!  The flake veggies do well too. All in all I am very pleasantly surprised! 4.75 out of 5.0 stars – this is AWESOME – would absolutely LOVE to see this is a regular width instant noodle version as well! UPC barcode 03114601634 .

Vintage Nong Shim Neoguri commercial from ’85!

Here’s a commercial for Shin Ramyun Black – also great stuff!


  1. Picked up four packages at my local H-Mart (had a bogo coupon). Very yummy! I jazzed mine up with some market salad bar fixings–just some hard boiled egg, onions, hearts of palm, and string beans. Would definitely buy again. Great “emergency lunch” to keep at desk…for when Zombies attack or meetings go long, which are, sadly, often the same thing.

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