Awesome Birthday Stuff From My Wife & Mother In Law!!!

A box! What’s inside?

Oh wow rad!

My wife got me Japanese noodles that are not available here! Black Garlic Oil flavor! This will be a treat! Today, we went to the Uwajimaya in Seattle – found some more ramen there and some new little bowls for showing the packet contents and a new ramen bowl! It’ll show up soon! She also has some more instant noodles on the way for me! I’m spoiled! Thank you sweety!

My mother in law got me this awesome book – what I didn’t know is that the author lives in the area! Hoping he might be up for a guest post sometime – who knows! Thank you!!!

She also got me a new shirt – pretty awesome!

My wife got one too! Yay!!! Thanks youse guys!!!

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  1. 出前一丁 [or Dameo Icho in Japanese] – the 4 main Chinese characters on the packet = Delivery, one order (one order of delivery). A popular instant noodle brand in Hongkong. For me Dameo Icho is a bit salty, so I have to add lots of water when boiling the soup.

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