#652: Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen Japanese Style Noodles

Soon as I saw this, I was really excited. I really like Shio (salt) ramen. I don’t know what it is, but it works! What’s more is this stuff is made in California. I found it at H Mart in Lynnwood, Washington. Let’s dig in!

Click image to enlarge. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that this is three servings. Weird but that’s the deal. I couldn’t imagine having a lunch with two other people consisting of a third of a pack of instant noodles.

I was a little surprised at how heavy this block of noodles was; I mean it wasn’t two pounds or anything, but it was very heavy as far as instant noodles go.

A single pack of seasoning.

Here’s the seasoning ready for some noodles and water.

I decided to go all out on this one. I got some green onions, boiled some egg, and baked a small chicken breast with some Lindberg-Snider Porterhouse and Roast seasoning – which really rocks on chicken!

What’s this? Yup – a packet of sesame seeds to dress it up even more!

Click image to enlarge. I also added a little Kizami Shoga (pickled ginger) and a sprinkle of fried shallot. Wham – this was awesome stuff! The noodles are very nice – good instant ramen noodles. The broth is exceptional – one could almost describe it as a chicken flavor, but that’s not exactly right. It’s almost a buttery and perfectly salted taste. I love this stuff. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars – it’s going into the Top Ten soon as I do a revision. UPC barcode – 076186000080 – get it here.

Very old Sapporo Ichiban commercial!


RIP Don Cornelius & Jam Master J


  1. […] This is a very recent addition to the Top Ten list. Having tried Shio instant noodle varieties in the past, I had a feeling this would be a good one, and it truly was. The noodles were very hearty and the broth had an almost buttery flavor. I found this one very good with some baked chicken, green onions and hard boiled egg. Comes with a little packet of sesame seeds! Original Review […]

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