The Ramen Rater: Noodle News #3

Here are some articles from the Internet and such tyhat the Ramen Rater reader may find fascinating!

  • LSU has a TV show called ‘The Ramen’ which is based after E!’s ‘The Soup’ – kind of awesome – link
  • Here’s an article about improving instant noodles from the folks at Delishiono – link
  • Nissin Chikin’s the first product Nissin came out with – here’s a new commercial for it! – link
  • Like those Diner Dash/Cooking MAMA/Cake Mania games? This one’s free, online and all ramen! – link
  • Here’s an article about instant noodles from today’s University of Arkansas Traveler – link
  • Here’s an interesting article on social tensions between Hong Kong and mainland Chinese all based around a little girl spilling some dry ramen on a subway – link
  • Indomie noodles donated to orphanages in Nigeria – link
  • It looks as though if you’re in prison in Ohio, you’re probably eating Top Ramen – link
  • Top Ten Finds At The Fancy Foods Show (their number one wouldn’t be my first choice) – link

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