How I Eat My Ramen

Hello fellow “Rameners” My name is Greg, and I am a Ramenholic. As a new contributor to I thought it would be appropriate to use my first post to share how I prepare Ramen noodles.

First a little background…

I was born in Japan in the 60’s and lived there until I was 8 years old. My Father was in the United States Navy, but we lived off base in a normal Japanese neighborhood. Sliding doors, rice paper windows, sit on the foor dining table, etc. Just like you would see in a movie. I went to a regular Japanese elementary school. 8-5, 6 days a week all year around. I have been eating Ramen and rice for as long as I can remember.

Enough of that, now to the good stuff.

I open the Ramen Drawer in my desk to choose todays delicacy.

Since I am at work I have to microwave my Ramen. I use this nifty covered plastic bowl I purchased at one of my normal Asian Grocery stops, Woo-Sung in Winter Park Florida.

Since this article is not really a review, I am just going to have a standard MAMA Pork flavor for lunch today. The main US Brands stopped making pork flavored Ramen a few years back, so you pretty much have to go to an asian grocer to get pork flavors.

Here is the packet ingredients waiting for the microwaving noodles. I got this bowl from my Mom for my birthday. The plate underneath also acts as a lid to help the noodles steep before eating. I never use all the hot packet. Just enough to give it a little kick. I am not a big fan of super-crazy-hot food.

Here are the noodles in the bowl. I use the specified amount of water to cook the noodles that the package says, but I pour most of it off before adding it to bowl with the flavor packets. I am not a fan of soupy noodles. I want it to be more like eating Lo-Mein.

I also use chop sticks, which is a lot easier if the noodles are not soupy. The first time I ever used a fork I was almost 10 years old.

I put the lid on the bowl and let is all steep for about 3 minutes. This lets the noodles absorb the flavors and they also cool off a little.

Now it is time to turn a bowl of Ramen in to a meal. I add some soy (always Kikkoman, the off brands don’t do it for me). And some rice seasoning. Since I have no way to fry eggs at work, these have a dry yolk powder in them that adds an egg flavor.  I would normally add some chives, but I am out. Right before I start to eat (so they don’t get soggy) I add some chow-mein noodles to give it a little crunch.

And here we have it ready for to eat. No a bad lunch for $.59 cents.

Here is a video of how to use chop sticks.

tl;dr, New guy eats noodle dry, no spice, uses microwave and chop sticks.


  1. I know this thread is super old, but I hope Ramen Rater has learned to use chopsticks. I’ve read how he eats ramen where he said he can’t do chopsticks and uses a fork. A shame! Esp. considering he has put Asian manufactured noodles over US domestic ones, even though in many cases they are the exact same. I would think a “ramen expert” would know how to use traditional utensils from the countries they are produced.

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