#609: Wei-Wei “A” Series Instant Noodles Artificial Hot Beef Flavor

Here’s another that was sent to me by Michelle L. of New York. This is something I’ve never had before – Wei-Wei brand. Wai Wai yes, Wei-Wei, no. The packaging is interesting – note the guy with the suave hat in the upper right. He’s there; on the scene – purchasing noodles . Let’s see if these noodles rock.  Note the economical 49 cent price tag!

Click image to enlarge.  I remember having a Vedan ‘Jaopai Series’ bowl of noodles a few years back that netted a zero star rating with some choice comments of it’s flavor. I’m hoping this is something different.

Two packets – a coagulated oil and flavoring liquid on the left and powdered seasoning on the right.

A very tightly woven block of noodles. Also very angular and flat.

Ready for 400mL of water.

Click image to enlarge. Added two egg plain omelet with Cavender’s All-Purpose Greek Seasoning and a couple squirts of Tabasco Buffalo Style hot sauce.  This steeped for three minutes. The noodles fluffed up an amazingly huge amount – like one of those capsules you put in the tub and turn into a dinosaur. Good noodles actually – fluffy and buttery. The broth is spicy but not to the point of pain. The veggies although sporadic are nice. Quite a good buy at 49 cents – 3.75 out of 5.0 stars – looks like “A” series is decent stuff!

Star Trek ‘Fartershop Quartet”

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