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Meet The Manufacturer: #3040: Fantastic Noodles Scallion Sauce – Taiwan

Meet The Manufacturer: #3040: Fantastic Noodles Scallion/Scallop Sauce - Taiwan

The second of the Fantastic Noodles varieties getting a look in this Meet The Manufacturer. I’ll be the first to say I really like scallion sauce noodles from Taiwan.  Curious how these will fare – only one way to find out!

Fantastic Noodles Scallion  Sauce – Taiwan

Meet The Manufacturer: #3040: Fantastic Noodles Scallion/Scallop Sauce - Taiwan

Detail of the side panels (click to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, cook noodles in 1000ml boiling water for 3~3 1/2 minutes. Drain. Add sachet contents. Finally, stir and enjoy!

Meet The Manufacturer: #3040: Fantastic Noodles Scallion/Scallop Sauce - Taiwan

The noodle block.

Meet The Manufacturer: #3040: Fantastic Noodles Scallion/Scallop Sauce - Taiwan

A liquid base sachet.

Meet The Manufacturer: #3040: Fantastic Noodles Scallion/Scallop Sauce - Taiwan

An oily sauce.

Meet The Manufacturer: #3040: Fantastic Noodles Scallion/Scallop Sauce - Taiwan

A smaller oil sachet.

Meet The Manufacturer: #3040: Fantastic Noodles Scallion/Scallop Sauce - Taiwan

Has a strong garlic scent.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added scallion, fried onion and chili flake. Noodles had a nice chew and gauge to them I enjoyed. They went well with the sauce which was salty, savory, and sweet. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.  No bar code.

Meet The Manufacturer: #3040: Fantastic Noodles Scallion/Scallop Sauce - Taiwan

Insight Guides Taiwan

Watch me cook this one up on an episode of Instant Noodle Recipe Time!

#2061: Kamfen Dried-mix Noodles Scallop Seafood Flavoured

Here’s one I picked up at 99 Ranch Market a couple months ago. I have a couple brands that I have as ‘reserves’ – if I run low on instant noodles, I know certain stores have always had certain varieties and I can get them at any time. This is one of them. At that point I was running low (although now I’m not). Let’s crack this tray open and give it a try!

The distributor/import stickers (click to enlarge).

From the bottom of the package (click to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself.

A card with preparation details (click to enlarge). To prepare, add in vegetable sachet and 500ml boiling water. Cover and let stand for 3 minutes. Use cover drain spout to draiun off excess water. Add in liquid sachet and stir well. Enjoy!

An included fork!

The noodle block.

The liquid sachet.

Thick and dark.

The vegetables sachet.

A nice mixture.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added shrimp and carved squid. The noodles are broad and flat with a very light chew to them. The sauce covers well and gives a nice sweet and salty seafood flavor throughout. The included vegetables were more than ample and really made this one feel premium. 4.25 out of 5.0 stars. EAN bar code 6920363402218.

Instant Noodle Wonton (Beef Flavor) – 82g

A video about travelling to Shenzhen, China – where this product is produced.

#1288: Sau Tao QQ Scallop Seafood Flavoured Vermicelli

I thought why not have something a little different today. This cup’s been around the bottom of the hamper for a while… So, what does QQ mean? Pretty much really thin noodle. Let’s check it out!

The import sticker (click image to enlarge). Contains shrimp.

The side panel (click image to enlarge). I darkened/desaturated the color to make it easier to read. To prepare, empty all the sachets into the cup. Add boiling water to line and re-cover for 3-4 minutes. Stir and enjoy.

Detail of the lid (click image to enlarge).

A small included fork!

A nest of bean vermicelli.

Dry soup base sachet.

Quite a bit of powder.

The liquid base sachet.

A thick paste.

Solid ingredient sachet.

Vegetables and some shrimp.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added leek, fishballs with crab egg, shrimp, kamaboko and narutomaki. The vermicelli is your standard fare – very thin and needing a few snips before the eating with some kitchen scissors. The broth is pretty good. It has a nice seafood flavor and is reasonably hearty. The vegetable and shrimp bits were really excellent – some of the best shrimp I’ve had in a long time. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 087303862436.

A documentary from 1997 about Hong Kong. Six residents tell their stories about living in the city. This precedes the handing back of Hong Kong to China.

#1269: Chewy Rice Vermicelli Scallop With XO Sauce Flavour

Thought Andy might like this one with some shrimp in it perhaps. Told him if it’s spicy and doesn’t like it he can have something different. I guess we’ll see! Let’s check it out.

The back of the package (click image to enlarge). Contains shrimp, scallop and fish. To prepare, put everything in a bowl. Add 450cc water and cover for 3 minutes. Stir and enjoy.

A big hunk of rice vermicelli.

Soup base sachet.

Has an odd scent.

Paste sachet.

Looks a little spicy.

Vegetable sachet.

Lots of little bits.

Andy liked it at first, but he started to feel the heat and kind of gave up after eating half – a valiant effort, nonetheless! He walked with me on a very long walk today – at least 3 miles in all. Good job, Andy!


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added shrimp. The noodles have a slight graininess to them I’m not very fond of. The broth has a spiciness and seafood taste that works well though. 2.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 6920377218355.

A Chewy ad from 1993.

#402: Sau Tao (Thick) Instant Noodle King Scallop Soup Flavor

I think this is the last of the Sau Tao’s I have for reviewing at this point. This one’s Scallop flavor with thick noodles. Again, these noodles aren’t fried. If you notice to the upper right of center, you are being informed that ‘Health is important.’ Looks like 4g fat and 7.5g fiber – not too bad actually.

So here we go with the packets. I really enjoy the look of the powder packet – the one at the far left. It’s got that old Asian product look that really draws me to the noodles in the first place. Next is a clear packet of seasoned oil. This packet might often be cloudy because the temperature would be cooler. The last is the veggies and other stuff packet, a good sized one.

An interesting melange of colors going on here… Those noodles are real weird looking are they not?

Click image to enlarge. As is my constant behoove, I added one fried egg. I see fried eggs in all sorts of instant noodles from every part of Asia. Breaking a soft yolk really makes the broth more accommodating and relaxing to the palate, like a fleece blanket. The noodles, healthy as they are, are kind of lacking. I think frying them gives an extra bit of flavor and texture that these don’t have. The broth was extremely thin, and I would recommend using a little less water than the directions call for – maybe just fill it a tad below the line. The winner here were the veggies. They re hydrated nicely and were delicious. It all came together decently, but wasn’t anything really exceptional. 3.0 out of 5.0 stars.

NOTE: This one did come with a fork but I’ve done a Sau Tao fork update already.

It didn’t make me deflate.

When I grew up, I lived very close to the Canadian border, so I saw a lot of Canadian kids’ shows. Here’s a few…

#208: Sau Tao Ramen King Scallop Seafood Soup Flavored

So Kit noticed these at 99 Ranch Market yesterday – a four pack of them on sale pretty cheap. Thought it’d be something to try – fresh noodles, scallop flavor, heck yeah!

So much like a Shirakiku Udon bowl except its ramen and there’s no paper bowl. If you look closely, you can see the packet says prawn on it.

Powder and gloop.

So you add 250cc of hot water to the powder and gloop and then…

…you add the noodles (click image to enlarge). So. The broth was great – no doubt about it. Tasty and groovy. The noodles are chewy and fresh – like an exorbitant shining elephant dancing on the top of a dewdrop encrusted jellybean made of pure jade. I really liked this stuff. Very low in fat and surprising 304mg of sodium too. Plus…

Call me kooky but that’s gotta be the best company name ever. I’m giving this one a 4.25 out of 5.0 stars – very simple yet very tasty.