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From Seeds To Peppers!

I got a little box in the mail from my friend Dwayne in Tennessee. He asked me a while back about instant noodle from Malaysia and every once in a while, I’ll just send someone who asks about noodles a nice box of them. Since then we’d been conversing and he mentioned he grows peppers. I was given some peppers at the very end of my trip to Malaysia by Annie at MyKuali – cili padi peppers – little hot ones! When I got back here, I thought why not crack some of them open and pull out seeds. I sent some to a coupl eof people and Dwayne was one of them. This was over a year ago and now, the seeds have grown!

A note.

Here they are! Pretty neat – got little peppers in Malaysia, brought them back, sent seeds to Tennessee and now got peppers!

Dwayne grows lots of neat stuff – here are some others.

These are really big ones! Thanks, Dwayne! I’ll mention when these peppers get used in reviews!

Ultra Spicy Megah Sari Sambal Bakso Samples

In my spare time, I like to search hashtags on Instagram – and one day I decided to look up sambal. Sambal is a spicy mix which is a very popular condiment in Southeast Asia. I found a company I’d never heard of and asked if they could provide a sample for me to use in reviews.

Here are Megah Sari’s normal and extra hot sambal bakso offerings. They’re located in Indonesia, but their products are available here in the United States. So: how is it? Well my friends, I couldn’t resist waiting until a noodle review and so I opened the original sambal bakso and thought maybe it’d go alright on a burrito I was having for dinner. It’s probably one of the spiciest condiments I’ve ever come in contact with – not only fiery hot but quite tasty as well. I can’t even imagine the heat potential from the extra hot – especially as I’d consider the original to be quadruple mega hot! Wow!

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Spiciest Instant Noodles Of All time 2013 Edition

This year, we’ve got some new fiery additions to this list of spicy and burning hot varieties. If you can find them, you’ll be feeling quite the burn! If you think you’ve found anything hotter or noteworthy of being on this list, please comment below or send me an email. Without further adieu, here’s the 2013 picks for the spiciest instant noodles I’ve found after 1,128 reviews!

#10: Indomie Mi Instan Mi Goreng Rasa Cabe Ijo – Indonesia

With a spicy green chilli bite, this brothless variety from Indonesia came onto the scene in 2012. It’s unique green color is fun to see and it’s flavor is top-notch. This is the only green chilli flavored instant I’ve seen to date. Original review here

#9: JML (Jinmailang) Artificial Spicy Hot Beef – China

JM also makes a Spicy Beef variety, but this one is Hot Spicy Beef. The title doesn’t lie; it’s vicious! Along with the fire is a nice hearty broth and excellent noodles. Original review here

#8: Namchow Mee Jang Sour Spicy Chicken – Thailand

I get a kick out of this one because if you don’t look closely, this looks like a happy little chicken flavor noodle bowl. Looks can be deceiving though! The broth is a fiery melding of citrus and chili pepper fire that will test your gumption. Original review here

#7: MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle – Malaysia

This is Malaysia’s first time on any of my top ten lists. This is some really hot and fiery curry. It’s also one of the best curry instant noodles I’ve ever had. The noodles are a little thicker and the curry paste is ample. Original review here

#6: Nongshim Jinjja Jinjja Flamin’ Hot & Nutty Noodle Soup – United States

A melange of intense heat, pork broth and a peanut powder packet with little black sesame seeds. This South Korean ramyun is absolutely amazing. First in South Korea exclusively, they now produce it here in the United States as well, so it’s pretty easy to come by. Original review here

#5: Indomie Curly Noodle With Chicken & Chilli Paddi – Indonesia

A nice chicken mi goreng with a surprise. The Bird’s Eye chilli that lurks within will change your day in a second. The thing could be anywhere in a bowl – but you will definitely know when you’ve bitten into it – intense, lingering heat will ensue and bring you to your knees. Original review here

#4: emart Dare You! Habanero Jjamppong – South Korea

Extreme heat is paired with nice bit of seafood broth and lots of bits of seafood. All the fire and flavor melded together with thick ramyun noodles make it hot as well as delicious. This one comes in at 1,960 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). Original review here

#3: Paldo Teumsae Ramyun – South Korea

Another South Korean ramyun with serious kick to it. This isn’t to be trifled with!  Teumsae has restaurants in South Korea which serve up some seriously spicy fare. I really like the text undernerath the word Teumsae which reads, ‘Flavor. Culture. Human’ Original review here

#2: Samyang Foods Buldalk Bokkeummyeon – South Korea

The English translation? Hot fried chicken flavor. This one is yet another brothless variety and it really packs a punch as well as has a nice taste to it. Thick ramyun noodles round everything out nicely and will transmit the spicy sauce to your tongue. Original review here

#1: emart Dare You! Habanero Ramyun – South Korea

At 5,930 SHU, this variety tops the list for a second year in a row. I think the only way to make something hotter would be to drop in some pure capsicum oleoresin! If you like the absolutely spiciest stuff, this is for you. If not, then you’re in for some serious pain. Endure the burn! Original review here

A New Thai Chili Sauce From Apinya Thai Food Co.!

I saw something about a Thai chili sauce mentioned on my favorite hot sauce group on facebook recently. It got me wondering if it would be something that could be an alternative to the standard big bottle of Sriracha that I usually go for. I tracked down the company and asked if they could possibly send a sample – a few days later, it arrived!

First off, the bottle is interesting – it has a little flip up spout like you would find on a shampoo bottle – but its similarieties to shampoo immediately halt on a dime right there. This stuff is excellent! First off, the second ingredient after peppers is ginger, which I’m sure those who have followed this blog for a while will know by now that I’m a big fan of ginger.

This tastes like nothing I’ve had before and I think it’s a real winner! It has a flavor that I wouldn’t expect to be coming out of Virginia, USA either! Wow! I’ll be trying it on a bowl of noodles very soon – possibly one of the ones from Australia (one of the packs is made in Thailand for the Australian company, so it would definitely be fitting)! Thank you to the kind people at Apinya for sending along a bottle! Check out their website at www.apinya.co!

#346: Paldo Bowl Noodle Soup Spicy Artificial Chicken Flavor

So I’ve reviewed a lot of bowl noodles. I’m confused as to how Paldo, Samyang and Nongshim all have them and they’re all called bowl noodle. Spicy chicken is pretty common – let’s see how this is.

Two packets – powder on left, veggies on right.

Always like that rich color contrast.

Click image to enlarge. Okay so I added a couple fried eggs. That stuff on top? I made hot sauce yesterday! Click here to see what it was made out of and here to see the making of post on  my other blog, FooFooMayo. So this was pretty good – nothing super special but I enjoyed it for breakfast. 3.125 out of 5.0 stars Get it here.

One of the best short videos about noodles I’ve ever seen.

This was on PBS while I ate these noodles – looks like some good food!

#218: Maruchan Yakisoba Sweet & Sour Chicken Flavor

Sweet & sour chicken?  Is it possible that it could taste like sweet & sour chicken? We shall see…

Just like all the others before, there’s a veggie packet and a soup base powder packet.

So first off, not sweet and sour chicken. Very interesting though: the veggies hold my attention as it is probably the only time I remember pineapple being included in a veggie packet – and it works. There is also some onion and maybe a bell pepper. The noodles are pretty lackluster and the powder flavor was more sweet than sour. I’m enthused but not extremely impressed. I would be curious to see what direction something like this goes in the future. 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. Find it here..

#536: Ottogi Yeul Ramyon Hot Taste

Look at those big deadly looking red peppers! This should be interesting. Usually stuff you’d find around here domestically would be on the weak side if it had a pepper being shown. We’ll have to see if this stuff lives up to the flavor of hot taste! I’m also very curious if I like this better than Shin Ramyun. I’ve really been enjoying the Ottogi products…

Two packets – powder and veggies.  Veggies has dried red pepper. Powder has red pepper powder as second ingredient.

Mountains of each – should be spicy I would think…

Click image to enlarge. So this stuff is pretty hot! My mouth is burning and my brow is sweaty. The vegetables were very nice and some little chewy bits in there. The broth was extra spicy! I liked it quite a bit. My lips are burning! Hooray! Drinking the broth has my entire face on fire now! Yup good good burn. I’m giving this one a 4.25 out of 5 stars. This is supposed to be a hot Korean noodle soup and it is exactly that. It is really decent.