Ultra Spicy Megah Sari Sambal Bakso Samples

In my spare time, I like to search hashtags on Instagram – and one day I decided to look up sambal. Sambal is a spicy mix which is a very popular condiment in Southeast Asia. I found a company I’d never heard of and asked if they could provide a sample for me to use in reviews.

Here are Megah Sari’s normal and extra hot sambal bakso offerings. They’re located in Indonesia, but their products are available here in the United States. So: how is it? Well my friends, I couldn’t resist waiting until a noodle review and so I opened the original sambal bakso and thought maybe it’d go alright on a burrito I was having for dinner. It’s probably one of the spiciest condiments I’ve ever come in contact with – not only fiery hot but quite tasty as well. I can’t even imagine the heat potential from the extra hot – especially as I’d consider the original to be quadruple mega hot! Wow!

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