November 29, 2010

#218: Maruchan Yakisoba Sweet & Sour Chicken Flavor

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Sweet & sour chicken?  Is it possible that it could taste like sweet & sour chicken? We shall see…

Just like all the others before, there’s a veggie packet and a soup base powder packet.

So first off, not sweet and sour chicken. Very interesting though: the veggies hold my attention as it is probably the only time I remember pineapple being included in a veggie packet – and it works. There is also some onion and maybe a bell pepper. The noodles are pretty lackluster and the powder flavor was more sweet than sour. I’m enthused but not extremely impressed. I would be curious to see what direction something like this goes in the future. 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. Find it here..

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