#536: Ottogi Yeul Ramyon Hot Taste

Look at those big deadly looking red peppers! This should be interesting. Usually stuff you’d find around here domestically would be on the weak side if it had a pepper being shown. We’ll have to see if this stuff lives up to the flavor of hot taste! I’m also very curious if I like this better than Shin Ramyun. I’ve really been enjoying the Ottogi products…

Two packets – powder and veggies.  Veggies has dried red pepper. Powder has red pepper powder as second ingredient.

Mountains of each – should be spicy I would think…

Click image to enlarge. So this stuff is pretty hot! My mouth is burning and my brow is sweaty. The vegetables were very nice and some little chewy bits in there. The broth was extra spicy! I liked it quite a bit. My lips are burning! Hooray! Drinking the broth has my entire face on fire now! Yup good good burn. I’m giving this one a 4.25 out of 5 stars. This is supposed to be a hot Korean noodle soup and it is exactly that. It is really decent.


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