September 24, 2015

From Seeds To Peppers!

I got a little box in the mail from my friend Dwayne in Tennessee. He asked me a while back about instant noodle from Malaysia and every once in a while, I’ll just send someone who asks about noodles a nice box of them. Since then we’d been conversing and he mentioned he grows peppers. I was given some peppers at the very end of my trip to Malaysia by Annie at MyKuali – cili padi peppers – little hot ones! When I got back here, I thought why not crack some of them open and pull out seeds. I sent some to a coupl eof people and Dwayne was one of them. This was over a year ago and now, the seeds have grown!

A note.

Here they are! Pretty neat – got little peppers in Malaysia, brought them back, sent seeds to Tennessee and now got peppers!

Dwayne grows lots of neat stuff – here are some others.

These are really big ones! Thanks, Dwayne! I’ll mention when these peppers get used in reviews!

2 thoughts on “From Seeds To Peppers!

  1. Dwayne B.

    You are very welcome Hans. Hope you enjoy them! Let me know if you need more. 🙂 Also, thank you for the great package I received as well. Can’t wait to dig into them very soon!


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