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#3107: Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor – South Korea

#3107: Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor - South Korea

This one might be a bit of a surprise to you – insofar that I haven’t reviewed it, that is. Well, two other brand have these ‘bowl noodle’ style products from South Korea as well. This is Samyang’s entry into the fray of this form factor and style. Don’t get me wrong – one that’s been popular for years is their Yukgaejang bowls which look almost identical – except the name. They recently sent a bunch of these in different flavors – let’s give chicken a try!

Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor – South Korea

#3107: Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor - South Korea

Detail of the side panels (click to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, add in sachet contents and boiling water to line. cover for 3 minutes. Finally, stir and e enjoy!

#3107: Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor - South Korea

Detail of the lid (click to enlarge).

#3107: Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor - South Korea

The noodle block.

#3107: Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor - South Korea

A dry sachet.

#3107: Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor - South Korea

A light powder soup base.

#3107: Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor - South Korea

Loose bits from the bowl.

#3107: Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Chicken Flavor - South Korea

Finished (click to enlarge). Added soft egg, chicken, Salad Cosmo mung bean sprouts, and spring onion. Noodles hydrated nicely and worked well with the broth, which was much better than I expected. It had a nice chicken soup kind of taste, however it also had a sweet element which was quite enjoyable. Included vegetables were here and there. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. EAN bar code 8801073211735.

#3067: Samyang Foods Bowl Noodle Soup Hot & Spicy Flavor - South Korea

Spicy Flavor Roasted Cup Noodles Soup (x 6 Cups), Spicy Flavor Cup Ramyun Korean Noodle Ramen

Watch me cook on Instant Noodle Recipe Time!

Samyang Bowl Noodles Unboxing – South Korea

Samyang Bowl Noodles Unboxing - South Korea

I’ve seen bowl noodle varieties from almost every instant noodle company in South Korea – almost. Today, we have a box full of varieties from Samyang Foods – let’s check i tout!

Samyang Bowl Noodles Unboxing – South Korea

Hey thank you very much! Looking forward to trying these!

#2964: Blount Beef Pho Vietnamese Style Beef & Noodle Bowl – United States

#3021: Blount Beef Pho Vietnamese Style Beef & Noodle Bowl - United States

It’s been awhile! I did a Meet The Manufacturer series with Blount a while back. Well, they’ve got something new – pho! You can find it in the fresh (not frozen) section – more info at www.blountbowls.com. Very curious as to how it will be. Let’s find out!

Blount Beef Pho Vietnamese Style Beef & Noodle Bowl – United States

#3021: Blount Beef Pho Vietnamese Style Beef & Noodle Bowl - United States

Here’s the back of the package (click to enlarge). Contains beef. To prepare, remove film from the bowl and add noodles from the pouch. Stir. Microwave for 2 minutes. Stir and microwave an additional minute or until hot. Finally, stir and enjoy!

#3021: Blount Beef Pho Vietnamese Style Beef & Noodle Bowl - United States

The fresh noodle pouch.

#3021: Blount Beef Pho Vietnamese Style Beef & Noodle Bowl - United States

The bowl – full of broth.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added coriander, Salad Cosmo mung bean sprouts and jalapeno. Noodles are wheat and have a nice chew honestly – they work well with the soup. The soup has a nice beef and tang to it – maybe from the ginger? Slightly acidic – works very well. The included vegetables are nice and the beef is excellent. As far as being what I would compare to a pho I would get at a local restaurant? Worlds apart. But it’s quite good – happy about this one. 4.75 out of 5.0 stars.  UPC bar code 077658313049.

#3021: Blount Beef Pho Vietnamese Style Beef & Noodle Bowl - United States

From Sea to Soup: The Evolution of Blount Fine Foods 1946-2011

Watch me cook this one up!

The Noodle World Sampler From Zenpop Japan

The Noodle World Sampler From Zenpop Japan - The Ramen Rater ramen instant noodles

Was contacted a few weeks ago by Zenpop, a company thjat specializes in neat boxes of products from Japan! They informed me they wanted me to check out their ramen box and I was alright with that of course! They also have other kinds of boxes available – check them out here! Let’s crack this one open and see what’s inside – this month it’s the ‘Noodle World Pack!’

The Noodle World Sampler From Zenpop – Japan

The Noodle World Sampler From Zenpop Japan - The Ramen Rater ramen instant noodles

Here’s the freshly opened box. We are greeted with a thank you note with some offers on the back.

The Noodle World Sampler From Zenpop Japan - The Ramen Rater ramen instant noodles

This I really like – detailed description and cooking instructions (click to enlarge) for the 9 varieties within.

The Noodle World Sampler From Zenpop Japan - The Ramen Rater ramen instant noodles

Four different noodle cup varieties (click to enlarge) – the Chilli Tomato and Tom Yum I’ve tried and loved while I’ve never tried the other two!

The Noodle World Sampler From Zenpop Japan - The Ramen Rater ramen instant noodles

Wow these look like excellent varieties (click to enlarge) – definitely ones dificult to source outside Japan.

The Noodle World Sampler From Zenpop Japan - The Ramen Rater ramen instant noodles

Finally, we have a yakisoba tray (click to enlarge) – definitely impressed with this set – $29.50 with shipping included is quite a deal for 9 of them. Check Zenpop out today!

The OneBowl: A New Product That Needs Your Support On Kickstarter!

OneBowl on Kickstarter

I was recently contacted by a fellow named Justin Herd. He is the creator of a product called the OneBowl – a special bowl that will cook instant as well as other noodles in the microwave. What’s more, it will drain them. He can do the most justice to explaining the product and it’s features of course, so I recently conducted this interview with him.

THE RAMEN RATER> Tell us a little about yourself – what’s your background?

JUSTIN HERD> My name is Justin Herd, I am 23 years old, and I am the inventor of the OneBowl. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the USA and just graduated from Grand Valley State University in April of 2014 with my Bachelors in Marketing. I love Ramen Noodles, hiking, viral videos, and inventing.

TRR> Have you always been interested in invention or invented other things in the past?

JH> I love inventing. It’s all about creating things to make my life easier. Whenever I feel like something I do every day could be easier, faster, and/or more enjoyable, that is when I get my best ideas for an invention. Normally, my inventions look like Frankenstein gadgets held together by duct tape. The OneBowl is my first invention that I believe can be enjoyed by people around the world.

TRR> How did the OneBowl project begin?

JH> The OneBowl project began 8 months ago while I was making myself some Maruchan Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodles. As a college student, I made myself some delicious Ramen Noodles just about every day (as many college students do). After enjoying my noodles, I looked at my sink to see a pot, a strainer, and a bowl that I now had to wash. I thought to myself, “I wish I could just make noodles in one bowl.” And so began the OneBowl.

TRR> Can you tell us about the testing phase – how many different kinds of noodles did you test in it?

JH> It took 4 tries to get the prototype just right. Once I had a working prototype, I tested it out with several different kinds of noodles. I tested 1 brick of Maruchan Ramen Noodles, 2 bricks of Maruchan Ramen Noodles, Kraft Mac and Cheese, and good old spaghetti. I found that the OneBowl was the perfect size to accommodate all kinds of noodles.

TRR> How is the OneBowl different from, well, a bowl?

JH> The OneBowl is a microwave-safe bowl with a built-in strainer and a snap-on lid. It’s the only bowl out there than you can use to cook, strain, eat, and store your noodles in. The bowl converts easily from a water tight bowl to a strainer by rotating the handle an eighth of a turn. Once strained, rotate the handle back to eat. This will allow you to customize how much broth you want. The bowl also comes apart easily for cleaning, it’s dishwasher-safe, and BPA free.

TRR> What is the OneBowl made of?

JH> The bowl itself is made from a poly carbonate blend of BPA free plastic. The lid and seal are made from silicone. This means the OneBowl can withstand a temperature range of -58 F to 266 F (-50 to 130 C) and will not leak any toxins when heated up.

TRR> Where will it be made?

JH> The OneBowl will be made right in the city where I live: Grand Rapids, Michigan in the United States.

TRR> You’re opting to go the Kickstarter route to bring your product to market – how did you arrive at the decision to crowdsource?

JH> I need to raise the money for plastic injection molding so that I can share the OneBowl with the world. I chose to go with Kickstarter to raise the money because I love their platform. It is really user friendly and it makes it easy to get involved with cool new products at their earliest stages. Kickstarter has developed an awesome culture around helping others bring their dreams to life and it’s the best platform out there in my opinion.

TRR> If people donate, what do they get and when?

JH> I have several different levels of rewards for pledging to my Kickstarter project. For $20, you get a OneBowl! ($30 outside the US due to extra shipping costs). I also have rewards for 2 packs and 4 packs. There are some rewards that include a custom OneBowl cook book full of recipes I made using the OneBowl. I expect to deliver OneBowls to all who pledge on Kickstarter in October of this year.

TRR> What is your favorite thing to make in the OneBowl?

JH> 2 bricks of Chicken Flavored Maruchan Ramen Noodles. I am a man of simple taste. However, I am taking on the challenge of catching up with Hans and trying out his favorite Ramen styles and flavors.

Sounds pretty neat, eh? If you want to support his project and chip in, check out the OneBowl on Kickstarter. This sounds like something pretty neat. Good luck, Justin!

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodle Bowls Of All Time 2014 Edition

Bowls of noodles. They’re made all around the world and are a great option for those with access to boiling water and are ‘on the go.’ Some are basic and have very little imagination to them or perks, while others are really full meals that include meat and vegetables, seafood and other niceties. I’ve review 1,410 different noodle varieties and of those, many have been bowls. Here’s a list of the best, most memorable bowls I’ve come across is my adventure in tasting.

#10 – Nissin Demae Iccho Instant Noodle With Soup Base XO Sauce Seafood Flavour – Hong Kong

The noodles in this one feature a familiar gauge and texture, however the broth is pretty stellar. It’s got a rich and hearty seafood flavor, and is augmented with a goodly amount of vegetable bits and lots of little dehydrated narutomaki. Original review here

#9 – Samyang Foods Ganjjampong – South Korea

This is what you call a ‘stir noodle.” The noodles steep in the bowl, are drained, and then a spicy seafood sauce is added. With some stirring, you have a really delicious and spicy melange of excellence. Original review here

#8 – Nissin King Spa王 (Spa Oh) Tarako Spaghetti – Japan

Here’s another one where the liquid is drained off. Tarako is a fish roe based sauce used in Japanese pasta dishes. The flavor is very good and the noodles came out just right. The seaweed bits go very nicely as well. Original review here

#7 – Nongshim Chapagetti Roasted Chajang Noodle – United States

Although originating in South Korea, Nongshim now makes these in Southern California. Chajang is a traditional Chinese black bean sauce that is wonderful with noodles and the nice part with this particular variety is that it’s the first I’ve seen in a bowl. What’s more, it’s easy to make and has excellent hearty flavor as well as great noodles. Original review here

#6 – Paldo Kokomen Spicy Chicken Flavor King Cup – South Korea

Kokomen is a South Korean ramyun with a light or white broth. It’s got a chicken and jalapeno kind of flavor that’s really quite excellent. The translation from pack to bowl is exemplary, losing none of the quality. Original review here

#5 – Acecook Comet Mori Yukino Tan-tan Men – Japan

This stuff is very red! The noodles are broad and flat. They have a very nice chew to them and are of a premium type. The broth is very rich and oily. It has a strong spiciness and is almost thick – but not in a bad way. A rich pork flavor abounds. The veggies and other bits hydrated quite nicely. Original review here

#4: Unif Man Han Feast Sichuan Chili Eel Flavor Instant Noodle – Taiwan

The noodles are flat and broad. They have a nice quality to them; not too chewy but very good for a bowl noodle. The broth is rich with a good spiciness. The added bonus with this is the eel – it’s really good! Everything is rich and hearty and it’s definitely a feast to behold and consume. Original review here

#3 – Maruchan Midori No Tanuki Instant Soba Bowl – Japan

This is a seriously excellent bowl of noodles. The buckwheat noodles have a delicate crumble that works so well here and the broth is nice and rich. The disk of tempura is a real treat. Original review here

#2 – Plats Du Chef Cuisine Adventures Chicken Phở Soup – Canada

I have to say this was a great surprise. I have had a throng of horrible Canadian instant noodles – in cups, bowls, packs – just horrible. This one is a diamond in the rough. It includes excellent rice noodles, a very tasty pho broth and to top it off, it’s got real chicken! This is a bowl to behold. Original review here

#1 – Nissin Raoh Rich Soy Sauce Flavor – Japan

Back again in the top spot is Raoh. The noodles and broth play so nicely together and the pork is quite good. A bowl of noodles to really enjoy by candlelight. Original review here

#1008: Ottogi Sesame Flavor Noodle Bowl

Found this one up the road at KS Mart in Lynnwood, Washington. Looks really interesting – an egg block huh? I imagine it will be like a seasoning block or something… Funny; I had a sesame one yesterday too. Well, on with the sesame flavored noodles!

The side panels (click image to enlarge).

The noodle block.

Seasoning powder.

Interesting – a bit spicy but not a spicy red broth. Curious how this ends up.

Yep – a block is in here.

Egg block!

Sesame oil.

Has a nice sesame scent as sesame oil usually does.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added egg, rib eye steak with some Dua Belibis Indonesian chilli sauce, broccoli and Urashima Sesame & Salt furikake.The noodles are pretty good – slightly spongy. The broth is quite nice – has a strong sesame flavor from the oil but also has a nice spiciness and a separate depth of flavor. The three components combine for a very nice hearty broth. The egg block adds to the heartiness as well. Very nice – 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.UPC bar code 645175570417.

Ottogi makes a lot of different products. Here is the Ottogi booth at a food show in Australia from 2012.

Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl: Exclusive Interview With MisoSoupDesign

I saw a lot of posts lately about the fantastic new ‘Anti Loneliness Ramen Bowl’ lately – a product designed by Miso Soup Design. I thought people would really like to know more about it – straight from the source. I was fortunate to be able to contact the makers of this neat new product and did an interview via email. In the future, I’ll be receiving a sample and put it through its paces with a video review! For now, here’s the interview:

THE RAMEN RATER> Can you tell me a little about how Miso Soup Design came to be?

MISO SOUP DESIGN> Founded by Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan, MisoSoupDesign is an architectural design studio that concentrates on the process of making.
After graduating from Columbia University GSAPP (Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation) and worked in New York for many years, they decided to achieve the dream of making a project come true, by joining Solar Decathlon Europe 2010, and dedicate in the research of sustainability. After that, they began to apply the systematic way of thinking in both architecture and product design, and discover the surprising moment when form meets function. Currently, MisoSoupDesign has offices in Tokyo and Taiwan, and they are both Assistant Professor at the National Chiao Tung University. Received awards include A’Design Award Golden award, 7th Far Eastern International Digital Architectural Design Award, and ACADIA architectural competition 1st prize.

TRR> How did you get the idea to transcend your architecture design skills to the ramen noodle bowl?

MSD> When designing a building, we want to achieve both esthetic and efficiency. We believe it is the same for product design, so form and function can be combined.

TRR> How did testing the bowl go?

MSD> To achieve the slick shape of the bowl, we have done many tests with ceramic. It challenges both the designer and the maker how to perfect the curvature, and we have finally came to the ideal form.

TRR> What material is the bowl made of? How did you decide what material to use?

MSD> Traditional noodle (bowls) are mostly made with ceramics. Noodles can be extremely hot, so we chose double layer ceramic skin to prevent people from getting burned.  It also keeps the soup warm longer.

TRR> Will the bowl hold only the iPhone?

MSD> It holds iPhone and all similar size devices.

TRR>  What colors are available?

MSD> Black and white.

TRR> Where can people go to purchase one?

MSD> Our latest model is being made at the moment and it will go to the US in a couple of months.

TRR> Are there other products that you’ve designed?

MSD> We also designed furniture, planter and jewelry. (Please see attached images)

S-CUBE has inherited the cardboard box shape and material to create multifunction: stool, seating and steps. The sheet of cardboard is precisely cut by CNC machine and folded to create polygon blocks, and turn S-CUBE into a strong yet light-weight structure. To upgrade the cardboard box, we have added different color leather at the child’s seating area. At this moment, the cardboard box still keeps its original material and form, but the function has completely changed.

The flashlight on iPhone has been given a new task. While charging, the phone is placed strategically in between the slot of the acrylic, which acts as the lamp itself. With a nice wooden base and just one piece of acrylic on top, this phone charger can turn into a charming night light.

Invisible Garden
Taken from the hexagon shape of a snow flake, the units let user to create their own wall. The units can be combined for planting purpose and turn into vertical farming. Even if the resident does not own a roof garden, one can still grow plants with the little space next to the window. It is also a useful container for everyday items.

MoNTUE Bracelet (MoNTUE Museum Limited Edition)
With a little more imagination, the bracelet is an abstraction of MoNTUE museum’s logo with triangular tessellation with Delaunay algorithm. We have applied mathematical terms and turn each corner into a point, which then creates triangles. The geometry is precisely cut by CNC and bent into a bracelet.

MoNTUE Necklace (MoNTUE Museum Limited Edition)
MoNTUE can be mysteriously coded. If we add the length of each letter in the same direction, it becomes a bar that reflects the original text. It may appear to be simple straight bars, but they are actually special surprising text.

TRR> Thank you for this opportunity to find out more about the Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl and Miso Soup Design!

There you go! Keep your eyes peeled for an in-depth review of the bowl itself soon!


#626: Ottogi Asian Style Instant Noodle Hot Taste Yelul Noodle Bowl

Here’s a bowl from Korea – some spicy Yeul!

Here’s the side panel (click image to enlarge).

Here’s you standard big and well-filled single packet!

I don’t know if this pic gives the huge red mound of angry spiciness justice! The veg was under the block of noodles.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Scrambled a couple eggs and put some garlic salt and Tabasco Buffalo Style Hot Sauce on top. The noodles are nice and plump but just slightly spongy, kind of surprising. The broth delivers a nice amount of spiciness and a good flavor. The veggies get to a nice size and are found often! 3.5 out of 5.0 stars! UPC barcode number is 645175570714.

Ottogi commercial.

Yep – another goldfish that I picked died. I sure can’t pick goldfish very well! Here’s poor Fine’s funeral.