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#3671: Kiseki Foods Kiseki Ramen – United States

#3671: Kiseki Foods Kiseki Ramen - United States

Alright so here we have a prototype. I love prototypes; I feel so honored and humbled that companies would let me try a product before it goes on the market. This one’s a little different – here’s why. It’s 20 calories. For the pack. That’s it. Konjac noodles – these things are like eating food on the holodeck on Star Trek (note – for the ultra nerdy out there who do know that holodeck food is actually replicator food – yeah I know that too – but if the food was holographic – that’s what I’m getting at). At this point they have shared with me their pending Kickstarter campaign but it will be live soon and I’m guessing by the time this posts. Anyways, let’s see how good 20 calorie ramen can be! ...see full post

#3270: Fitmee Konjac Chicken Soto – Indonesia

#3270: Fitmee Konjac Chicken Soto - Indonesia

The second of the Fitmee varieties sent by Empire International – thanks again! I sampled the first a couple days ago and was very impressed – it was a kind of buldak dry version that was pretty good and only 150 calories! This one has a soto flavor and is – get this – only 60 calories! What’s soto? Here’s some info from Wikipedia – ...see full post

#3268: Fitmee Konjac Fried Korean Noodle – Indonesia

#3268: Fitmee Konjac Fried Korean Noodle - Indonesia

Here’s something pretty fascinating. First off, thanks to Empire International for sending these over! This is from Indonesia, is only 160 calories for the whole package, and… yeah. It’s konjac (pronounced like cognac).- These noodles are incredibly low cal and I’ve honestly had mixed resilts. I’ve had them that are horrible before – thicker noodles. But recently tried some that were thinner and they worked well. These are dry, and I haven’t tried them that way before, so we shall see how it goes. Let’s find out! ...see full post