Amazing Donation Of Ramen – From Mali!

I got an email on facebook from a guy named Carter B. a while back – he mentioned he was in Mali and that there were some instant noodles he’d like to bring back and send me. How could I say no to that? I had all but forgotten about the offer when I got a message saying he was back in the states and had some to send!

What amazing things could be in this box???

Whoa – never seen any of these before! I do recognize the Kailo brand from Hong Kong, but not in a pack form. The GauDo are from Vietnam and I’ve never seen them before! The ones I’m most curious about are the ‘Golden Mie’ – they’re products of the United Arab Emirates! Wow, that’s a first!

Thanks again Carter! Some Ramen Rater stickers will be hurtling towards you in the snail mail very shortly!

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