Superbowl 2012 Food: Spicy Ramen Nachos

Click image to enlarge. Yes it’s true. It’s the Tat Hui Koka Tomato flavor ramen with guacamole and sour cream and Texas Pete hot sauce. Eat this and your team will win.


  1. I admit nothing but the simple definition of the word “nachos.” That you had a bag of chips nearby means nothing to a reader who can’t see them. You can’t argue that a bag of chips next to a bowl of Ramen constitutes nachos.

    Your wife’s cheesy chicken sounds tasty, I might even try it myself, but stop kidding yourself with this idea of an authentic type of nachos that no one has ever heard of. I’d say you’ve confused nachos with chips and dip. Nachos are messy. They have melted cheese on top of them. MELTED CHEESE — something your bowl of Ramen lacks.

    You want proof of my credentials? I’ll gladly submit them when you agree to a Ramen Nacho duel. SuperKuhlWunderBlog vs The Ramen Rater. Two recipes, one poll, let the readers decide who the real authority is.

    Best Regards,

      1. Oh my! The Ramen Rater has an argument more substantial than his nachos! However, I stand by my criticism — it is not nachos.

        Your most obvious discrepancy in Nachos criteria can be seen in a single tortilla chip. Language itself defines Nachos as something with more than one in number. It’s what we call plurality, and you’re single chip dip into a bowl of Ramen does not satisfy this fundamental agreement.

        I don’t doubt your wife is a hot and sexy Latina, but perhaps she’s just being nice to you. Deep down in the foundation of her ethnic heritage she knows that a nacho is “a tortilla chip topped in melted cheese and often additional savory toppings” (

        Finally, yes I am an authority on Nachos, my specialty being Ramen Nachos. So I’ll request that you swallow your pride and accept my challenge of a Ramen Nacho blog duel. Best Ramen Nachos wins rights to the definition.

        What do you say?

        1. Look;

          By your own admission I am right. Your plurality argument is flawed by the Merriam Webster definition. I had a bag of chips near the photo. Also, this is the preferred nacho method. Usually when she makes nachos of the more common type, it involves cooking two chicken breasts with seasoning, dicing them up, then an 8×12 pan with refried beans, baked for 15 minutes, numerous toppings and chicken and cheese added, a bit more time in the over and then is served in that manner and then added to the tortilla chips and not served on top of them in the lame american way which involves getting your fingers messy. She is amazing and knows the nachos. BTW – let me see a picture or credential of your nacho klnow how.

          – The Ramen Rater

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