#602: Nongshim Oolongmen Cup Noodle Soup With Artificial Seafood Flavor

We went and got makings for Korean BBQ at the store yesterday and I found this unreviewed cup so I figured let’s do two cups today. Here we go!

Here’s the ingredient panel (click image to enlarge).

A single packet of dry seasonings.

Wow – little shrimps and lots of veggies! The powder has quite an…. unsettling aroma.

Voila – the finished product (click image to enlarge). This stuff… Hmm.  The noodles are just fine – pretty decent for a cup. The broth has this kind of fake creaminess to it that’s a little different I must say. It’s almost super-infused with shrimp flavorings. The veggies and seafood bits are great – very abundant and flavorful. This is a superior seafood cup – 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.

Nope – only satire for this cup!~

I’m not a huge Pink Floyd fan, but I reallly like their old stuff – screw Dark Side of the Moon and that Wall crap. Piper At The Gates of Dawn is where it’s at!

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