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#840: Chewy Stir Rice Vermicelli Singaporean Laksa Flavour

Here’s one that my sister brought me back from a trip to Canada earlier this year. So to recap, bought in Canada, Singaporean flavored, made in China – capiche? ...see full post

#602: Nongshim Oolongmen Cup Noodle Soup With Artificial Seafood Flavor

We went and got makings for Korean BBQ at the store yesterday and I found this unreviewed cup so I figured let’s do two cups today. Here we go! ...see full post

#368: Knorr Chili Pork Flavour Cup Noodles

So here’s a weird looking one – something my sis brought me back from Canada. Chili Pork flavor sounds good in theory, but very curious how it’ll be in practice. Also, This is the first Knorr brand instant noodle I’ve reviewed; kind of surprising to be honest. ...see full post

#277: Vina Acecook Oh! Ricey Instant Phở Bò Rice Noodles Soup Beef Flavour

Here’s the last of the Vina Acecook stuff I got from HT Oaktree Market a few weeks ago (sniff). Overall, I’ve been really really pleased with the Vina Acecook line and hope to sample more very soon! So here’s the beef Pho… ...see full post

#176: Paldo Dosirac Artificial Pork Flavor Instant Noodle

So I have seen these all over the place but don’t think I’ve ever tried it. I’ve seen red background ones with a lady that looks like a nurse. Anyways, Kit picked this one out of my ‘vault’ to try today. ...see full post