#587: Sunlight Steam Vermicelli

The last time I had a bag of instant noodles like this I had a horrible experience; a ball of glued together, sticky, nasty funk. This time I’m a little more experienced and wiser and going to try a different method of attack.

Here’s the back (click image to enlarge). The only thing I can really understand here is 1800cc of water. That’s a lot! I’m going to take the noodles and break them into thirds and use around 500cc of water.

Dry seasoning and veggies on the left, cayenne powder in the middle and potato starch on the right. I used half the veggie pack, half the cayenne and none of the starch – that got me into the gloppy mess last time.

Click image to enlarge. Interesting stuff. The noodles aren’t my favorite, but they’re growing on me a little. What I did like about this was the broth. It had a very nice smoky, spicy and slightly fishlike flavor which I really liked. Still, the flavor does have an off-putting aftertaste which I found somewhat chemically and the noodles are really dry once you get your chew on. So I dunno. I’m giving it 2.1 out of 5.0 stars.

Taiwanese film “Crazy Racer”

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