#481: Thai Kitchen Roasted Garlic Rice Noodle Bowl

So I noticed that the previous review of the Mushroom flavor was a rice noodle soup bowl as opposed to a rice noodle bowl. Interesting. Anyways, here’s another Thai Kitchen bowl.

Three packets – powder soup base, dehydrated veggies and a reddish seasoned oil, perhaps a chili oil?

Here it is all sitting atop the noodles. Looks nice and colorful!

Click image to enlarge. I really was quite happy with this one. The noodles were very good first off. Second, the soup was very rich and garlicky and I love garlic. There were little bits of garlic floating around too! The oil gave it a lovely sheen and color I’m used to seeing in more exotic instant noodle varieties such as MAMA brand from Thailand. Good show for a Thai style noodle bowl sold in the USA made in China. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars. Get some here.

This looks absolutely awesome – I’d eat it forever.

Yeah – more Slurpee commercials…


  1. i LOVE this noodle bowl. i love the thai kitchen lineup. honestly, i eat at least one flavor of thai kitchen soup for dinner every single night. i have the roasted garlic noodle bowl next to me right now. its the best one out of all of them. the garlic and vegetable packet is also good but its actually a different flavor then the bowl. thai curry is also excellent.

    also, give more annie chun brand soups a try! they recently came out with a non fried ramen and theyve got a few other soups as well.

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