#476: Annie Chun’s All Natural Asian Cuisine Teriyaki Noodle Bowl

My sister got me this one and kindly brought it to me to check out – thank you! So I’ve never tried this brand before, so I guess we’ll have to see how it goes.

Two packets – veggies and teriyaki sauce. One thing – these packets are incredibly large compared to most of the packets I’ve seen in the past.

Here’s the veggie pack resting atop the fresh noodles. What you do is you put the noodles and veggies in the bowl and add a cup of water. Microwave for 90 seconds and then drain off the excess water. After that, put the teriyaki sauce in and stir it up.

Click image to enlarge. I added nothing to this product. Well, I appreciate the hookup sis, but man this stuff is below par! I was excited – the noodles are nice and fresh and the veggies were good looking – the front mentioned spinach and tofu, although I enjoyed the sesame seeds. The thing is that the teriyaki sauce was not very good – very lemony and acidic. I disliked it in the extreme and I feel it absolutely ruined everything. I’m bummed; a better sauce would’ve made this a four star noodle bowl, and sadly it will receive a 1.75 out of 5.0 star score from me. Truly disappointing, but maybe you like it. Find it here.

Annie Chun’s brand commercial.

Three dudes making teriyaki beef.


  1. i want to see you review the annie chun udon! its a fresh noodle variety. i want to see how you compare it to ones like nong shim’s udon, considering the annie chun version has like 1/3 of the sodium and is also vegetarian, doesnt have artificial sweeteners, is organic, etc.. i personally enjoy it very much but am excited to try nong shim’s udon. i hope its not too fishy, though. not sure about that. they sell annie chun at most large grocery stores. ive seen them from $2 all the way up to a whopping $4.79 ea, (ripoff)

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