August 5, 2011

#468: Paldo Snack Noodle Soup Slightly Hot Flavor

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Snack noodle? What’s that? What flavor is it? Slightly hot flavor? Is that like medium? Or is that mild? I swear I got this quite recently – and it expires that soon? Hmm – weird! We shall see as we delve into a bag of Paldo Snack Ramen Slightly Hot Flavor.

A single packet – kind of weird since it mentions placing the soup base and vegetable mix in… Two packets in one perhaps?

Not easily seen, however there’s a good amount of veggies in with the angry powder.

Click image to enlarge. With two fried eggs (soft yolk), a slice of oven roasted turkey breast and a dash of pepper.  So I would say the broth is a bit more than slightly hot; more like medium hot. The noodles were great – chewy and plentiful. The eggs and turkey really brought it together for a nice breakfast this morning. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.

Never been able to find any ‘official’ Paldo commercials, but here’s one on Korean culture.


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