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#2706: GGE Ramen Snack Tempura Flavor

#2706: GGE Ramen Snack Tempura Flavor

Went to the new Daiso over in Lynnwood, Washington this weekend. I used to get lots of neat bowls from there but unfortunately, those days are over. This was one of the larger Daiso places I’ve seen but unfortunately, they had the crummiest selection of bowls. Makes me bummed out as they had super awesome ones in the past.

Anyways they had a lot of GGE snacks which kind of surprised me as these aren’t Japanese but Taiwanese. Hmm. Anyways, let’s give this one a try.

GGE Ramen Snack Tempura Flavor – Taiwan

#2706: GGE Ramen Snack Tempura Flavor

Here’s the back of the package (click to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. TO prepare, open bag, grab content, place in the primary facial hole. Finally, masticate, salivate and ingest!

#2706: GGE Ramen Snack Tempura Flavor

Interesting – short little strips of three noodles.

#2706: GGE Ramen Snack Tempura Flavor

Finished (click to enlarge). The little strips are literally three noodles wide and about an inch or two at most in length. They have a very agreeable crunch and mouthfeel. What I like as well is the flavor – kind of a sweetness to it that’s very addictive. Very. Addictive. For a snack, I give this one 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 074410679460.

#2706: GGE Ramen Snack Tempura Flavor

GGE Noodle Snack 2.82 oz per Pack (2 Pack) (Tempura)

Well this is odd

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodle Snacks Of All Time 2016 Edition

Instant noodle… snacks? Yeah! Snacks of all kinds have come from instant noodles – candy, crunchy bits, you name it. They’re popular all over Asia and also the United States; have you ever taken a pack of instant noodles, crushed them and added in the seasoning and shaken the bag up and eaten them like potato chips or popcorn? Well, this is popular elsewhere as well! Let’s check out my favorite instant noodle snacks from over 1,900 reviews. Enjoy!

#10: Wei Lih What’s That? Leisure Meatballs Spicy Chicken Flavor – Taiwan

They’re crunchy and light. They have a slight sweetness and a spiciness that is very slight but builds the more you eat. Original review

#9: Mamee Monster Snek Mi Perisa Ayam – Malaysia


The noodles are nice and crunchy. They have that lightness you would expect from an uncooked instant noodle, but not really oily as some can be. The flavoring is light and has a salty and almost sesame oil kind of flavor to it. Original review

#8: A-Sha Prince Katsu Snack Noodles – Taiwan

They’re very light and crunchy and have a nice salty and crunchy appeal to them. There’s a bit of a sweet and garlic or onion kind of thing going on as well as a hint of spiciness. Original review

#7: J.J. Snek Mi Perisa BBQ – Malaysia

The noodles are crunchy and have a nice flavor to them – very much reminding me of fried chicken from a well known restaurant chain. These were very good! Original review

#6: Samyang Foods Star Popeye Ramyun Snack – South Korea

It’s very crunchy and the noodles have a very light cinnamon note to them. The sugaryness of the rock candy brings this out in a nice way. Original review

#5: Mama Rangers Snack Noodles Shrimp Tom Yum Flavour – Myanmar

The snack noodle pieces are very short. The have a nice crunch to them. The flavor is that of a sweet tom yum, with a hint of spiciness, an unmistakable hit of lemongrass, and definitely tastes like sugary tom yum. It’s a nice flavor and was enjoyable. Original review

#4: Oyatsu Baby Star Snack Noodle Yakisoba Flavor – Japan

These short lengths of noodle are great. They’re light and crunchy. The flavor is that of yakisoba, so a little Worcestershire and salt and spices. It’s great stuff! Original review

#3: Ve Wong Little Prince Bacon – Taiwan

These little crunchy bits of noodles have a great bacon flavor. The big bag comes with a ton of little bags. My wife and I found these at an Asian grocery near Disneyland during our honeymoon – bacon snacks!  Original review

#2: Komforte Chockolates Savory Ramen – United States

The chocolate was exceedingly good – a really nice 53% dark chocolate I enjoyed thoroughly – premium stuff. It’s not so dark that it will put off the milkies and not so light on cacao that it lacks richness. The bits of noodles were nice and crunchy, and not hard like a rock. The soy, onion and garlic flavors were very much muted by the rich chocolate flavor, but that wasn’t a horrible thing. Original review

#1: Mamee Monster Snek Mi Perisa Pedas – Malaysia

I really like the crunch of the noodles; they seem a little different than the other Mamee Monster varieties; they’re really crispy, but maybe have a little more give to them. They have a nice spicy flavor to them which was great and a little bit of sweetness and more spiciness from the seasoning – excellent snacks. Original review

#1565: Oyatsu Baby Star Snack Noodle Chicken Flavour

Here’s one of the ones I got when we went up for my annual birthday trip to Canada! So snack noodles are very popular around the world – Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan have quite a few companies making different varieties. They’re usually basically an uncooked instant with a seasoning to add or are pre-seasoned. Let’s check out this one from Japan – Oyatsu Baby Star!

A distributor/import sticker (click image to enlarge). Contains chicken and fish products.

The back of the package (click image to enlarge). To prepare, open package, pour into facehole. Enjoy!

Finished (click image to enlarge). They noodles have a light crunch and aren’t too hard and crunchy. Pretty good on that side, however the flavor is a little funky – more of a kind of sesame chicken thing going on. 2.5 out of 5.0 stars. EAN bar code 4902775000031.

Looking for this stuff? Get it here!

Here’s an advert for a cheese flavor variety of Oyatsu Baby Star noodle snack.

#468: Paldo Snack Noodle Soup Slightly Hot Flavor


Snack noodle? What’s that? What flavor is it? Slightly hot flavor? Is that like medium? Or is that mild? I swear I got this quite recently – and it expires that soon? Hmm – weird! We shall see as we delve into a bag of Paldo Snack Ramen Slightly Hot Flavor.

A single packet – kind of weird since it mentions placing the soup base and vegetable mix in… Two packets in one perhaps?

Not easily seen, however there’s a good amount of veggies in with the angry powder.

Click image to enlarge. With two fried eggs (soft yolk), a slice of oven roasted turkey breast and a dash of pepper.  So I would say the broth is a bit more than slightly hot; more like medium hot. The noodles were great – chewy and plentiful. The eggs and turkey really brought it together for a nice breakfast this morning. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.

Never been able to find any ‘official’ Paldo commercials, but here’s one on Korean culture.