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#4539: Daebak Seaweed Flavour Soup Noodle – Malaysia

#4539: Daebak Seaweed Flavour Soup Noodle - Malaysia

There’s a few varieties in this Daebak range – and I’ll be trying them all, starting with this one! These are developed and coceived in South Korea by Shinsegae Food and produced by Mamee Doubledecker. I’ve had some of the Daebak pack version in the past, but it looks like the packaging and varieties have almost all changed – new stuff to try! Really excited about this. Let’s give seaweed soup noodle a try! ...see full post

#4528: Wang Malatang Udon – United States

#4528: Wang Malatang Udon - United States

A week. Last week I mean. Feeling crummy. Started Sunday and went on until Thursday. Then Friday happened and it was like I was pretty much at 100% again, which was really nice. Went out for a nice walk, then went out shopping. I definitely wanted to see what was up at Asian Family Market – the next day would be Lunar New Year. Got a few things, this being one of them. Looks interesting; let’s check it out! ...see full post

#4525: Nissin Top Ramen Soy Sauce Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup – United States

#4525: Nissin Top Ramen Soy Sauce Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup - United States

Back in mid 2018, I reviewed this right after their ‘new recipe’ change for review #2910. Around that time, it seemed that US manufacturers decided to change the product names of economy pillow packs that were initially known as ‘Oriental’ flavor to Soy Sauce. The term ‘Oriental’ has come under fire in recent years, hence the change. What does Oriental mean? Basically it derives from Latin, meaning ‘of the east’ – the opposite being Occidental being ‘of the west.’ From what I’ve gathered from running the Ramen Junkie facebook group for a while as this has come up from time to time is that many things and businesses will use the term; ‘insert city name here’ Oriental Market for example, however it isn’t a term to be used for people, at least that’s what I found. I read an L.A. Times article about this very subject that I thought was very interesting – you can read it here. One particular quote from the author I found fascinating was ‘A funny thing I noticed is that my Caucasian colleagues, not my Asian colleagues, are most eager to remove Oriental from public discourse.’ ...see full post

#4500: Nissin Miojo Lamen Doce Sabor Beijinho – Brazil

#4500: Nissin Miojo Lamen Doce Sabor Beijinho - Brazil

A long time coming, this one. A reader named Cian sent me this one (thanks again!) as well as a few other Brazilian varieties. He sent the chocolate version of this which was a real score – but this one led me down a research rabbit hole, but yesterday I caught the rabbit. Beijinho is a Brazilian treat – see those little balls in the bowl? Beijinho is basically condensed milk and powdered sugar mixed with unsweetened coconut, chilled, made into balls, and then rolled in more unsweetended coconut and topped with a clove. Problem is the cloves alone were kind of spendy and all the coconut you find here is sweetened. It seemed that making it myself would be a little tricky as well as expensive. I asked in local groups and people mentioned Kitanda, a Brazilian cafe/bakery/mini store in Kirkland, Washington. First time we went, no dice – they only had the chocolate ones. The second time, however – they had what I was looking for, but sans clove and that’s what I’ll be using for garnish. So, let’s do up this 4500th review! ...see full post

#4498: Nissin Miojo Turma Do Chico Bento Sabor Caldinho De Feijao – Brazil

#4498: Nissin Miojo Turma Do Chico Bento Sabor Caldinho De Feijao - Brazil

Pretty stoked – found this locally in Kirkland (no, not Costco, but the city of which is where Costco started, actually) at a coffee shop/store called Kitanda. What’s kind of a bummer though is that caldinho de feijao is a creamy black bean soup and what it appears is a standard garnish is nothing I have in my kitchen. Hmm… Well, I’ll make do with what I’ve got . ...see full post