October 10, 2019

#3307: O’Taste Pho Rice Noodle HOT – South Korea

#3307: O'Taste Pho Rice Noodle HOT - South Korea

Here’s another one I found over at Boo Han Market in Edmonds, Washington. This new O’Taste brand seems to be cropping up a lot lately. It’s interesting as it’s not exactly a Nongshim variety, but it’s Taekyung Food & Processing, and I’m unsure exactly how they fit in with the Nongshim corporate structure. Maybe I should find out.

Anyways, this isn’t the first Pho I’ve seen from a South Korean company. Nongshim’s Farmer’s Heart range (Farmer’s Heart is a translation of Nongshim) has one. Let’s give it a try!

O’Taste Pho Rice Noodle HOT – South Korea

Detail of the side panels (click to enlarge). Contains fish. To prepare, add everything to the cup and boiling water to the fill line. Cover for 4 minutes. Finally, stir and enjoy!

#3307: O'Taste Pho Rice Noodle HOT - South Korea

Detail of the lid (click to enlarge).

The rice noodles.

A dry soup base sachet.

Dry vegetables sachet.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added pork, star anise, Salad Cosmo mung bean sprouts, red pepper flake, coriander, and sesame seeds. The rice noodles hydrated perfectly with a soft tooth that worked magnificently with the broth. Broth had all the hallmarks of pho and was believable. Impressed as I’ve never found an instant pho I truly enjoyed. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. EAN bar code 8809061676429.

Otaste Roasted Misugaru Multi Grain Powder, 2 Pound

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