A Message To The People Of Taiwan From The Ramen Rater

In the last week, I’ve had a lot of traffic from upset Taiwanese that none of their country’s beloved instant noodles made the list. I saw videos like this one and then this angry one. I felt a video message would be appropriate, and here it is.


  1. by the way…I have a feeling you’ll be getting more hate mail today….you’re on Yahoo Taiwan headline, for choosing two of Taiwan’s instant noodle in your bottom feeder post

      1. I’m sorry…. you probably realize by now we Taiwanese have great pride in our food~
        I emailed both Wei-Lih and Unif, told them you’re willing to try their other products. We’ll see…they’re both big companies, my email probably goes to some black hole.

        I did write my blog post here

        My blogs are mostly in chinese, a few posts about Taiwan are in English though…if you ever visit Taiwan

  2. Seriously? Only A-Sha contacted you?? I’m going to post this in my blog (in chinese), hopefully I can get the message out! Too bad I live in the US too, I can only buy the same ones that you buy probably~

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