Viral Ramen News – 반반라면 – The ‘Half & Half Ramen Pot!’

The ultra-mega hip happening noodle pot of the future is here!

Actually, not exactly here – this hot new item is in Korea! The ‘Half and Half Noodle Pot’ ( 반반라면 ) is apparently all the buzz on Google. I read an article stating that it’s the most popular search right now – weird, eh? Maybe not – this is a pretty neat little invention!

From reading the Chosun article, the idea is that on one side you’d cook jjangmyeon and the other you’d cook a ramyun soup. Jjangmyeon is more a noodles with sauce on top affair as you can see in the photo. Here’s a link that has a video, although unless you can speak Korean, I’m not sure you’ll understand what’s being said.

I want one of these 반반라면  things! I only see one thing though; if the 반반라면  gets your noodles done, it’s going to be hard to dump the stuff out. Is there going to be a 반반라면  ladle or a 반반라면  serving spoon? I guess it wouldn’t need to be split though, would it? I dunno – looks like an interesting thing and hopefully they’ll be available to all those families that can’t decide which instant noodle to have for dinner!


  1. Oh my gosh, I want one too! It would definitely help speed things up when I have to make 2 servings when we both have different ways we like it.

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