#649: Pot Noodle Chicken & Mushroom Flavour

Well, this is the end of the line. A few months ago, Cindy C. from England sent a nice big box of instant noodles containing many kinds of Super Noodles and Pot Noodle and this is the last of the Pot Noodle! After this, there are two pouches I’ll review called ‘Mug Shots.’ Thanks again Cindy! This has been a lot of fun!

Here we have the side panels (click image to enlarge).

This is so different from anything we have in the states.

Comnes with a single seasoning packet of soy sauce to add.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I’ll say that of all the varieties I tried, this was the best hands down. It was a light flavor, but decently so. The noodles got nice and done in this one. They are flat and broad. The chicken mushroom flavor was decent. I liked it! 3.75 out of 5.0 stars! UPC barcode is 5000118203503 – get some here.

Pretty rad Pot Noodle commercial.

Another really weird Pot Noodle advert.


  1. woah. I would not rate a pot noodle as high as 3. 75…but maybe because i’m used to them being the quite common, mainstream quick fix noodle in all the shops? i do agree that chick&mush is the best (of a bad lot) though.

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