Show Your Noodles: Week 2 Results

Well, another week has come and gone and it’s time for another results post for Show Your Noodles!  If you’d like to participate, send pictures and a description to!

This week, Patricia shared some pictures of her lunches with us from the Philippines – thanks Patricia!

Here’s three of my work lunches:

1. 2x lucky me chili mansi and a small can of spicy corned tuna – a pretty good combination, tasty and filling. This is one of my favorite combinations.

2. A pack of Koka Stir Fry instant noodles, no sidings or toppings – pretty good, would’ve been better with a bit of meat

3. 2X lucky me instant beef pares with a slab of leftover pork rib – the beef pares was awful. The pork I should’ve shredded for better incorporation In the noodles.

I usually prepare my noodle lunches by putting the noodle block in my lock n lock, adding some water, then nuking it in the microwave for around 2 mins. Since I prefer the drained noodles, I use the container lid to help with the draining.

I will record and send some more of my work lunches. Cheers,


Hey awesome looking stuff – I am a fan of noodles and ribs too! Thanks for participating – looking forward to more pictures!


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